• I really disagree

    This is very bad for the environment, and think about it logically! Making fish grow and get fat just to sell it is plainly wrong. Imagine if another species make humans fat and big just to sell us and eat us. Is that right? NO! So now we should all stand up to this and have a say. This is just wrong and should be illegal!

  • Yes, I believe fish farming should be used more, fish are renewable.

    In my opinion fish farming is a great idea. When I think of farming fish, I think of fresh water and ocean farming. Right now the world needs all the food it can to feed the billions of people on the planet. How can anyone be against a technology that will help to feed the people of the planet?

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • Yes it should

    Fish farming should be encouraged as it is a a large boost to the ammount of fish that are produced worldwide. Another reason that fish farming should be encouraged is because it leaves more fish in the ocean for people that like to fish for a hobby. Instead of preventing fish farming they should focus on more important things like the impact of erosion of soil.

  • Yes, because fish farming is a good way to still obtain fish, without depleting as much of the fish in the natural environment.

    Just as you might want to see someone farming Christmas trees, so as to reduce the amount of impact that Christmas trees have on the natural environment, so it would work for fish farming. If you can grow and "harvest" fish, without touching the fish in their natural environment, then it seems as though this should be of good benefit to the natural environment and the fish that live in it.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I think that fish farming should be encouraged because it will decrease the amount of fish that are taken out of rivers, lakes and oceans.

    I am a firm believer that fish farming should be encouraged. It will reduce the amount of wild fish that are being caught on a daily basis. Fish farming is a sustainable process that can be controlled and monitored to ensure that supply is meeting demand. Over-fishing is a serious problem that can almost be eliminated by the use of fish farms. Fish farming can be done by large corporations on a large scale. Fish farming can also be practiced on a small scale inside of a home. There is no excuse for any fish species going extinct due to over-fishing, when we could be farming more fish than we need now, while letting the natural populations of fish live a natural life.

    Posted by: Issac McCarthy
  • Fish farming should be encouraged in order to protect wild fish from irresponsible fishermen.

    Fishing is a very bad practice because fishers frequently catch many baby fish, eggs and some species that they are not wanting to catch. Fishing practices result in degradation of species, and the results are very negative for the future of many wild fish species. Responsible fish farming will solve this problem, and will provide all the necessary fish to markets.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • Fish farming the the best way of obtaning fish without harming the enviroment.

    When we fish in large amounts in the sea, we are messing with the system of the ocean. Already, tuna and salmon are being hunted down and becoming more and more scarce. If we farm fish however, our demand for fish in the ocean decreases, and in result, the fish population might be able to sustain itself. Consider the world's population, about 6.5 billion people, all hungry for fish. What would that do to the ocean?

  • Fish farming seems to have a lot of benefits.

    In order to protect the populations of fish in their natural habitat
    and the chain of food they are included in, fish farming seems like a
    good idea. We may also be protecting ourselves from possibly contaminated
    fish in polluted waters or fish caught in other countries with less
    consumer protection laws in place.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Fish farming is a more sustainable method of food production and can be done locally.

    Much of the fish that you'll find in the grocery store comes from other parts of the world and is processed in China before being shipped here. It takes a lot of oil energy to power commercial fishing boats and then ship the frozen fish halfway around the world. If we want to reduce our dependency on oil, it's better to produce food locally. Some species of fish are becoming extinct because of overfishing. Fish farming is a more sustainable method of producing food.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • Farming is a more efficient way of producing food and it should be extended for fish as well as any other possible places for generating food.

    There are a plethora of people around the world who are living in hunger and if there is any way to create more food so that they are able to eat, then this is a good thing. Fish is a very nutritious protein and fish farming is an efficient way to produce this extra food, which in turn will also make fish more affordable to poorer people.

    Posted by: P3rEver
  • I do not agree in the concept of fish farming, fish farming is not a natural way of producing fish, it also lessons the quality of fish.

    Raising fish in a fish farm is very unnatural. Fish are schooled together in crowded tank until maturation. They are feed a special diet to make them grow bigger faster. In the wild fish don't grow like this and they shouldn't, they should be swimming and eating naturally not eating feed. These farmed fish don't compare in quality or taste to a fresh water fish. Science can not properly substitute nature.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • Captivity of any life form is not moral, so fish farming isn't either.

    Keeping any life form in captivity for the sole purpose of taking the animals life to use it as a resource is not justifiable, except perhaps under extraordinary instances of survival. An example would be a castaway on a desert island keeping trapped rats in captivity as his only method of survival.

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • Given the state of the environment right now, any meat production/consumption should be discouraged, as it uses considerably more energy to raise and process than plant-based foods of the same nutritional content.

    Regardless of one's belief on what is causing global climate change and other forms of pollution, it's clear that the world is experiencing an environmental crisis. One of the biggest wastes of energy and land is the production of meat, which requires that we first grow plant-based foods, then feed them to animals over a course of years, then use a huge amount of water and energy to process the animals for human consumption. It is much more responsible for people to produce and consume plant-based foods, and healthier for people as well.

    Posted by: DVargas
  • I believe that fish farming is helping to put too many long-time commercial fishermen out of work.

    I live in a coastal area and over the past several years I have watched our once economically healthy shrimp fishermen being put out of business one by one until there are hardly any left. Fish farming along with other things, has decimated a once thriving industry. These fishermen have had to seek work elsewhere to support their families and we have lost our fresh, local seafood which is much better than anything grown in a pond or imported. It is really a shame that a way of life for many families seems to be gone for good.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Fish farming should be not encouraged, due to the fact we already got huge ships fishing our fish for us.

    I believe that fish farming should not be encouraged at all, due to the fact that we have huge ships around the world, catching our fish for us. One example of this would be the ships near the Alaskan coast, which farm fish and make a profit of hundreds of thousands. Also, if a local person decided they would want to fish farm, they would have to spend a huge amount of money first buying the boat, and then maintenance does not come cheap at all. Besides, they would have to fight against the competition already available, and this would case even small companies to become bankrupt.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • I oppose fish farming due to it detrimental impact on the environment.

    Fish farming reduces the amount of arable land, which limits crop production. This increases crop prices. Fish farming is hazardous to the environment because of the life-sustaining and enhancing chemicals feed to the animals and poured into their watery environment. Antibiotics and growth supplements are a few of these additives that eventually seep into the ground soil underneath and around the fish tanks. Eating these fish also produces allergic reactions on many people and may even contribute to more serious infirmities on genetic variables contributing to disease. Of these the most dramatic would be birth defects.

    Posted by: BrandDari
  • Fishing farming should not be encouraged because it is a temporary fix to the problems in our waters.

    Fish farming is only a temporary fix to increase the fish population in our utilizes many chemicals to create the same-looking type of fish, that would have been farmed naturally. Despite, the temporary increase in fish populations, it does not allow the marine species to develop in the water, and contribute to the ecosystem around it. The habitat certain species create, enable the survival of other types of fish while mass-harvesting the fish does not provide enough support toward other populations. Certain aquatic species are not only present for food, they are essential to maintain the biodiversity and sustainability of the ocean. If you impute a human factor, doing so will impact everything. Fish farming is only a temporary fix that will not solve the oceans' problems or promote the life found in the ocean; it is only a solution to humanity's greed.

  • Read dr mercola article for 6/9/2018 and think about it.

    I do not think it is going to be healthy to eat laboratory creations that are too weak to survive without antibiotics in feed labelled as nutrition and have a battery of kill all life pesticides to deter natures clean up of the weak laboratory organisms from doing as nature intended to protect all species including humans.

  • I disagree do you want to know why? Well this is why...

    Fish have the right to swim free, plus, what about the people who don't eat fish? They wouldn't eat that. Also, picture you were the fish - would you want to be taken and turned into food? People that say yes, think about it that way... :) And even though fish may taste good, they should be swimming free.

  • I disagree do you want to know why? Well this is why...

    Fish have the right to swim free, plus, what about the people who don't eat fish? They wouldn't eat that. Also, picture you were the fish - would you want to be taken and turned into food? People that say yes, think about it that way... :) And even though fish may taste good, they should be swimming free.

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