Should Flacco be the NFL’s highest paid quarterback?

  • Yes, Joe Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the league.

    Joe Flacco just led his team to the Super Bowl championship. If this does not equate to success, then the definition needs to be changed. Winning big games is what it is all about in big time professional football. This player is truly at the top of his game and deserves to be compensated.

  • I would not agree

    He is not the best. The highest paid player in the NFL should be the best player in the NFL. Joe Flacco is very talented and has succeeded as an NFL quarterback, but he should not be the highest paid player in the national football league. He does deserve a high pay, just not the highest pay in the NFL

  • No, there are better quarterbacks.

    Although Joe Flacco led his team to the Super Bowl championship in the season that recently concluded, he had a lot of good players on his team. There are several other quarterbacks that made significant contributions to their team who are probably more valuable and deserving of a higher salary than what Flacco deserves.

  • If he's not the best, why pay him like he is?

    Flacco is a great quarterback, and almost any team would be lucky to have him. However, his skills and record simply just are not up to par to warrant the best pay. Unless he can bump up his stats I personally wouldn't pay him the highest rate. Instead, I would be spending a lot more money on someone like Tom Brady.

  • No He Shouldn't

    Joe Flacco is a good quarterback and deserves to be paid well. However, he is far from being the best in the league at his position. If you are not the best, you shouldn't be paid like you are. Flacco is not better than Manning or Brady in my opinion and shouldn't be paid like he is.

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