Should flag burning/desecration(especially the U.S. flag) be protected under the 1st Amendment?

Asked by: Trig314
  • I don't think it's my place to tell another person how they express their views as long as they aren't harming anyone.

    As much as I disagree with those people's views and would never personally burn a U.S. flag, I can't help but to think that part of what the U.S. stands for is freedom, even if it means jerks use their free speech as well. North Korea is very strict on people criticizing political leaders. We're definitely not in that kind of situation but freedom is freedom, and I think its kind of a stretch to say that that kind of speech insights violence, because there are lots of free speech that might have that effect but we still protect them.

  • Its a flag

    Its a flag that can easily be manufactured who cares if someone burns it or throws it in the mud its not a living person. The US is so sensitive to almost everything and has to overreact to everything. Take Colin Kaepernick for example everyone is so mad because he didn't stand for the national anthem boo hoo GROW UP. I dont stand for the national anthem nor do i sing it

  • Lol what no

    Who gives a f#*! About your flag srsly it is a flag not a child or something really important y'all americans need to get your priorities straight how about protesting the real problems in america like the upcoming election or the dominance of wall street but no- flags are important lol

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