• Yes it should be.

    When you burn the flag, the one that the folks died under defending your right to be a jerk, you're spitting on them and they have done nothing wrong to you. Check yourself before you think about putting a torch to a flag and remember those who died beneath those colors.

  • Flag burning causes health problems

    Not only is burning the flag disrespectful to those who fought and died for this country, it also increases the risks of innocent lives that live near the fireplace. If people want to waste money and their lives do it in another country and leave the US if you have a grudge big enough to burn the iconic symbol of our founding fathers and saviors during every war.

  • I stand behind freedom of speech. However, this is not speech.

    The desecration of our flag is clearly an action of total disrespect to the men and women that died to protect the freedoms we exercise today, such as freedom of speech. Flag desecration should be a punishable offense and also carry an opportunity for those citizens to forfeit their citizenship and leave our country.

  • To an extent.

    The punishment should not be exaggerated/extreme. However, a fine and question of nationality should be up for debate when someone is as ignorant and disrespectful to burn a flag. If you are a citizen and your burn your own country's flag, why are you even a citizen of the United States? Obviously you have a grudge or form of hatred against the country. So I think they should pay a couple of hundred dollars just to put them in check.

  • Unless dangerously, no

    I feel ike that there shouldn't be laws about it, IF it is done in a way that it doesn't harm i.e. flag burning in a grassy or wooded area.
    But that would be Vandalism, or Arson.
    Flag desecration= not a crime
    That is the stuff that i believe

  • It's a right

    If my govt ever becomes something I hate, I wouldn't hesitate to take old glory outside to the fire pit. That piece of cloth deserves no legal protection. Nothing with sentimental meaning requires legal protection. Not flags, holy books, domestic documents or papers, uniforms, etc. Your feelings can't be apart of the issue when someone else is protesting.

    Posted by: Dano
  • Why would it at all?

    Although burning a flag would seem rude, why would it be illegal? It wouldn't even be able to be adequately enforced. Plenty of flags are made everyday anyway it just a symbol, made out of thread. Why should it even be anyone else's business if someone burns a flag?It should NOT be an illegal thing to do, though it would be frowned upon. If someone wants to burn a flag, they have the right to do so. If it becomes illegal to desecrate an american flag, it would have to become illegal to desecrate any countries flag.

  • No it should not.

    I do not believe in desecrating the flag, it seems rude and unpatriotic to do so, however people are given the freedom of choice and expression. We are supposed to be allowed to express who we are through a variety of means, and we should not say we have that freedom if we go around limiting it and making exceptions.

  • I never would...But if you must you have the right to.

    I think flag burning is disrespectful and also a very immature way to make a point. However If someone wants to burn the flag they have a right to do so. I believe the 1st amendment gives us the right to exercise such a display and having the government people they can not is an overreach of their power. I must stress I am no advocate of flag burning and would never do so myself but rights are non-negotiable.

  • Absolutely not.

    Three words: freedom of speech. I understand the flag “represents” a great deal in this country; however, ultimately it is nothing more than a piece of cloth. Symbols are given meaning by human beings, so ultimately the flag will mean different things for different people. Limiting one’s ability to express how they feel about this great symbol is an infringement on basic rights.

  • Individual freedom over state interest

    Symbolic icons of the state should not be exclusively protected due to what they represent. It restricts freedom of expression and creates an environment in which the government has the power to restrict innocent acts for its own sake rather than for the sake of the common man and his right to share his beliefs.

  • Freedom of expression is very important, even if it is unpopular.

    The freedom to express one's self artistically is an extremely important feature of American society. Just because an expression is unpopular, it doesn't mean it should be illegal. If it does no harm to others, then there is no reason to censor it, just because we disagree with them. That type of action can quickly become a slippery-slope action that erodes the basic freedom that many people find so important to American society.

    Posted by: KnownEvan

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