• Yes They Should

    I believe flat attorney fees in family law cases should be eliminated. To me, the method of billing is not a big problem, it is simply the high costs associated with hiring a lawyer at all. These high costs have cut off a large amount of the population from the judicial system and I think that has caused a huge problem for those in the country that can not access these services.

  • No, they should not

    I think flat attorney fees in family law is a good idea. It levels the playing field, and makes the court system much more fair for families. This is important, because you need everyone to have an equal and fair chance in the judicial system and courts of law. It's good.

  • People like predictability.

    No, flat attorney fees in family law cases should not be eliminated, because it is a good thing for clients to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they know how much their legal fees are going to be. Also, they usually use their attorney as a psychologist, so they are not paying for phone chatting time.

  • No, there should always be flat attorney fees in family cases.

    I do not think that the flat attorney fees should be eliminated from family law cases. I think that the law enables a lot of people to be able to attain the legal help that they need without having too much financial trouble due to it. I think it is fair.

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