• Yes they should be banned.

    Just as flavored cigarettes have been banned so should flavored e-cigs. It promotes an idea to the younger generation that hey these taste good so you should try them out and smoke them. It does not affect a normal smoker in any way banning these items and will help keep people from starting the habit.

  • What we don't know about can hurt us

    The results of vaping are currently unknown to us and who knows what could happen they could end up being worse. But for adults no they shouldn't be banned. For teens, yes these should be banned. Yes I'm a teen and we are young and pretty undeniably stupid sometimes so who knows what we could be filling the cartridges with... Sometimes it's not just juice in them.

  • Yes, e-cigs of all kinds should be banned.

    Personally, I don't believe that e-cigarettes are safe. What I do believe is that they are unstudied at the moment. People used to even argue that traditional cigarettes were safe. There's a lot we don't know about them, but they do contain drugs and they do go right into the lungs, which isn't known to be safe. Until more studies are done, I think the FDA should tighten up and regulate them.

  • The healthy option is still the ecig

    Ecighas 1/25000 chances of getting cancer then cigds which is 1_25
    The ecig has 1000x less chemicals than a cig
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  • Flavorings are key to quitting

    In a recent e-cigarette forum poll, 75% of ex-smokers and current e-cig users preferred non-tobacco flavors. Tobacco doesn't taste good! The wonderful thing about e-cigarettes is that they move the user away from smoking deadly cigarettes and completely replace them with a reduced harm alternative. If flavorings are key to this process, it would be antithetical to ban them.

  • No e cigarettes should not be banned

    They help diehard smokers for whom nothing else has ever worked give up tobacco. Also, Big Tobaccos products should NOT be the only game in town, as these do not adequately address the needs of heavy smokers. Open tanks and flavors are the way to go!
    E cigs pose NO harm to bystanders, unlike cigarette smoke, and 99 per cent less harm to the user. It is a no brainer when you take out the huge amounts of money government, Big Pharma and Tobacco lose when smokers quit, and public health is the ONLY consideration.

  • Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Real Ones

    Electronic cigarettes aren't the best in the world, but they can help people addicted to nicotine in tobacco. They are better in that the other carcinogens in tobacco aren't present. Electronic cigarettes shouldn't be banned just yet because their overall effects are not yet known. If things get worse for smokers because of the products, then they can be re-evaluated.

  • flavored e-cigs should not be banned

    Flavored electronic cigarettes should not be banned. Electronic cigarettes have shown no signs of being harmful. Nicotine is the only slightly harmful chemical in e-cigs that are bought from the right sources. Nicotine is similar to caffeine in structure/effects, and isn't banned anyway. Electronic cigarettes that are flavored should'nt be banned, as cigarettes shouldn't be either.

  • E-Cigs Pose No Harm

    I think it would be foolish to take the time to ban e-cigs, rather they be flavored or not. Nicotine itself poses no real danger and some e-cigs that are flavored actually contain no nicotine at all. I think we should allow these companies to make money, instead of trying to ban their products.

  • It's just water vapor.

    There should not a ban on flavored e-cigs. They sell e-cigs without nicotine that are not addictive and do actually help with quitting smoking. People want other to stop smoking real cigarettes to better their help. A helpful alternative is e-cigs. Banning e-cigs would get rid of a good way to help stop smoking for people who have the fixation for smoking.

  • No, flavored e-cigs should not be banned.

    No, flavored e-cigs should not be banned. People should have the right to decide to smoke what they want to, be it cigars, cigarettes, hookah, marijuana, or e-cigs of any flavor. Adults are intelligent enough to know what they are getting themselves into, and restricting from doing what they want to is wrong as long as they aren't harming anyone else.

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