• Annoying creature and useless

    Just flying around my face, Annoying me. They really should become extinct. I DON'T CARE IF ITS NATURAL, WE ALL HATE THEM, JESUS CHRIST. Annoying little idiots flying around faces. God: lets create flies.
    Me:*no response* i ussually smack my desk when they fly around my desk all the time do this.

  • They are needless and annoying.

    Flies should definitely be extinct. They are needless, I know u might argue that they are part of the food chain and they are still important. But that is not quite true, Flies are already overpopulated
    which is why they are EVERYWHERE. They are in parks, Houses, Etc. We will not be affected badly if they disappear off of our earth. People get all types of sicknesses and diseases because of their massive number. Let's also talk about the fact that they are SOOOO ANNOYING and all they do is enter your house and buzz all over your face and make u sick! This is an issue that needs to be solved and we should really find a global solution and get rid of them.

  • Absolutely grotesque option

    The thought of squirming maggots eating decomposing anything sends shivers down my spine I often tell people I would rather be cremated, and have my ashes spread over a cliff or something, or in an urn before I be buried where even the thought exists regardless of formaldehyde embalming, or not.

  • They do nothing but annoy us! And hurt us!

    Ok we know in fact we all know that flies are nothing but little devils going around houses parks etc.But for a fact these creatures aslo have the capability to eat flesh nd that affects us ,beside who care if flies were gone infact we might even celebrate these little pests gone.

  • They can be anywhere

    These kinds of files, (House Files, Fruit Files, etc.) should be extinct because their everywhere. They are in parks, yards, and, just about any place that involves nature, what's the point of them being alive, when they try to eat your food, giving you diseases, and, just about everything else that ruins someone's day. We need these heartless creatures extinct ASAP!

  • Duh of course they need to die

    Flies are so gross. They are impossible to catch, impossible to get rid of, and they have no boundaries. Down with those annoying little buggers, I say! I hate them because they buzz in my face and make obnoxious sounds, and they are so fast and impossible to kill. Without flies, nothing would be that bad at all.

  • They should be extinct!

    They are annoying and keep going on our food! They do nothing for us! They should be extinct forever! Some of them eat flesh!!!!!!!!!!! Please make all flies extinct. If the flies eat our flesh or anything else we can be harmed and we can get hurt and cry! !

  • T t t

    T t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

  • They are needless

    Kimmu88 has shown two types of flies (thank you): flesh-eating ones which should obviously be extinct, and decomposition-aiding ones. There are tons of other things that help decomposition, such as fungi. We definitely don't want flesh-eating flies, because they eat flesh. If anyone wants to debate this topic I am open to.

  • Food chains + Decomposition + etc...

    If you mean all insects that are classified as flies, then the consequences of making flies extinct would be disastrous to some species. Taking flies out the food chain would make it so other animals can't get food, they would die if they couldn't find a secondary food source, and other animals that feed on those animals wouldn't get food, and... Well, you get the point here. Also, some species of flies play an important role in decomposition (blowflies in particular). And many fly species are pollinators and certain plants that humans eat may die out. Though flies are general nuisances and the 5-year-old me would like to see them wiped off the face of the earth, but you must put the science in about how playing god like this would affect the other organisms we share our planet with. And no; this would not lead to ecological collapse or the breakdown of human society, yet we must still see all the facts and the impact of this (sorry for rambling on, I had a lot to say).

  • Flies are a nuisance

    I do understand the importance of flies but, if u measure the pros and cons...The cons win by a big gap! For starters: Flies always land on your food, spreading their filthy dirt and diseases, this can kill animals and humans if not monitored. Secondly, flies are super annoying when it comes to concentration...Imagine doing your homework assignment which is worth 100 marks..BOOM! 3 flies start surrounding with their buzzing noise. The list goes on but I will stop here. To my conclusion I propose that flies should be extinct

  • Flies should not be extinct

    They're universal around the world because they are very adept at using waste for food, evading predators and reproducing quickly. Their niche is very large and so they are able to survive desert, jungle, forest, temperate, and savannah climates. These insects are made to survive and they aren't going anywhere.

  • Is, ought, either

    Of course flies shouldn't be extinct, because they aren't, unless this is a question about whether humans should make them go extinct. In which case the answer is the same, because of how wasteful and destructive the (probably unsuccessful) attempt would be. If flies were extinct, what would frogs eat and house cats and pet dogs chase for fun?

  • Natural Process In Their Hands

    Why should flies be extinct for??? They are the ones that deal with the natural process of decomposition. There are 2 types of flies. Thee flesh eating ones (those who eat through healthy skin & not decomposed or anything) & then there are those who are naturally go for rotten flesh. If you ask me the flesh eating flies should be extinct & not the rotten flesh eater. Flies are needed in this world. They are important to the cycle of life & death.

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