• No more cheating!

    Flopping creates points for players that don't deserve it. In a sport where every point and second matters calling false fouls can waist time and is used as a cheating system where players could boost their teams with flopping and going to the line undeserving of it. What makes flopping so hysterical and umbarebale in the NBA is the fact that 6'0"+ men could easily fly to the ground for small hits to the chest or arms, it makes no sense what so ever. The greatest example of this is Lebron James, one of the biggest, fastest, and most cordinated playerdsssdg

  • No faking fouls

    You can not fake fouls then it can cost NBA money lose no no no no no no n o n o n o no no no no no no no no no n on o non n no no n on on o no no no no n on o no fouls

  • I think its childish

    Personally, I think there's a problem when you can "fake a foul". In rugby, people take ugly hits and they get up. In basketball people pretend to fall and get hurt and the refs call it. If you look at Lebron James, he needs to stop falling down and take a damn hit

  • Flopping makes the interesting

    Flopping is another tactic in the basketball if you want a 4 point play to win the game draw contact and make the three to tie flopping is a tool and it shouldn't be taking away. I can agree sometimes players fake the foul but the other team can do the same so its fair to this.

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