• I have smoked MJ for over 30 years

    Thank God I am healthy and successful. I think that is all the proof needed.

    I would rather my childeren smoke POT rather than drink.

    Anybody who has ever taken MJ or Pills or Alcohol will tell you that POT is the safest thing out there.

    Why it is not legal is beyond me.

  • Comparing apples to apples

    How many people die each year from smoking tobacco? About 443,000. How many people die each year from drinking alcohol? About 75,000. We're talking over half a million people dying each year from substances deemed legal. How many people die each year from smoking marijuana? None yet. What does that say about the ability of Floridian politicians to think in a logical manner? And we elect them to think for us? WTF?

  • Safe alternative to Opium-based drugs

    No one dies from consuming cannabis. As a medical solution it's safer than aspirin. The prohibition has fueled so many social issues from prison terms to funding NATO terrorists.
    40 percent of the USA has medical cannabis - yet in Florida you have representatives that say things like we're not sure it has a medical value? When you hear statements like this from elected officials you really have to ask who are they speaking for.

  • Marijuana is much safer than alcohol. Period!

    It may be a fact that marijuana use may increase if legalized, but that could very well be a good thing. First off let's start off by saying those people who claim marijuana makes people violent are just speaking on a subject that they know nothing about. While it is very common for people drinking alcohol to get into fights or want to fight or get mad, it is not common at all for people who use marijuana to want to fight or get mad. People who smoke marijuana are the most peaceful people on the planet. By nature, marijuana is a very peaceful drug. It mellows you out, calms you down, and relaxes you. Alcohol on the other hand is known to bring out the worst in people by making them want to fight for no reason and get mad at people for no real reason and just brings on angry fits of rage from time to time. Alcohol makes you so you lose body control to the point you can barely walk. If you want to see people fall down face first in the parking lot, or pass out sitting at their table, or stagger all over the place as they try to walk, or puke their guts out in the bathroom if they make it to the bathroom and don't puke on the floor first, then simply go to your local bar that serves alcohol and your sure to see some form of the said symptoms of alcohol being displayed. Now take a room full of pot smokers and you may see people laughing for no reason at all, you may engage with someone who will talk your ear off, who will talk about anything and everything usually in a polite well mannered fashion. Marijuana smokers can be seen eating snack foods a lot, but don't worry, marijuana smokers don't generally throw up all over the place. Marijuana smokers are generally in much more control of their body functions and you will not generally see them staggering, falling down, throwing up, or fighting for no reason. While marijuana does impair your abilities to some degree, it is no where close as bad as alcohol. Marijuana is pretty much better and safer in every way when compared to alcohol. People say we don't need another drug to be legalized that impairs you, but the truth is, marijuana could very easily make the streets safer, and actually bring down the death rates. A person that quits drinking alcohol and starts smoking marijuana is much less likely to be in a fight, less likely to have an accident, less likely to over dose, etc, etc, etc. No one in their right mind could claim alcohol is safer than marijuana. A side by side comparison can prove marijuana as safer than alcohol on almost every level of comparison.

  • Marijuana has no worse effects than other things legalized.

    Keep in mind, I'm no stoner. However, it's really only logical TO legalize it. Heck, drug trade is at an all time high and alcohol/tobacco usage isn't going to go down any time soon. My point being, America, if you're going to keep tobacco and alcohol legalized for recreational purposes, you might as well go on and legalize marijuana. It's effects are seriously much less harmful than alcohol, and really cigarettes, despite what the skeptics may believe. It's stupid this argument is still happening. Legalize it, slap on an age restriction, and go on and throw it out there like everything else.

  • Marijuana is beneficial.

    Marijuana has so many positive effects. While there are little or no negative effects. Legalization of Marijuana can help people and the state of Florida in many ways. I fully support it for medicinal purposes,recreational purposes,and other purposes. It barely does any damage to your body. Alcohol and tobacco has more negative affects than Marijuana. Why shouldn't we legalize Marijuana in Florida?

  • Marijuana is an addictive drug

    I understand the economic reasons, but the moral reasons is wrong. Marijuana is an addictive drug and can be abused. I had friends who smoked it growing up and they have done nothing with their lives. It has became their life. Deadbeats. It has ruined society. I can see other uses for it, but most people want it legalized so they can smoke it. I don't want to live around that.

  • Marijuana distorts your thinking….

    Imagine if a surgeon came into the operating room…..High….Suddenly something unexpected happens in the surgery to the patient…do you think the surgeon is going to care??? Heck no…he'll be so mellowed out that he'll probably just shrug and walk out of surgery like it isn't his problem. If this drug is legalised….I think people who are in life or death careers…should be drug tested before starting work. People think it is no big deal to legalise this drug…but what if a truck driver decided to smoke some pot before starting his long 14 hour drive….And something runs out in front of him while driving…his reactions will be slower than if he was not on drugs. While it may not cause as much harm to the body as alcohol…it does slower your reflexes and your thinking. I'm ashamed of the USA and the people in government…that have decided that making money off drugs that could endanger people's lives……is more important than the life of a person. Obama…you're the president. Would you approve of your kids sitting in the White House lighting up during a formal dinner party when they reach 21? Is this the image that we want to portray to other countries? Really???? Grow up America and quit whining like a little kid because you can't smoke pot….IT'S A GOOD THING.

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