Should Florida make a law so drivers can be pulled over for texting?

  • If your not looking at the road when driving it's not safe!

    This is as bad as drunk driving here in Australia it is illegal to text and drive.
    Why? Because a distracted driver is a dangerous driver, if your looking at your phone instead of the road you could run into someone, or hit someone crossing the road.

    Anything bad happens you will waste extra time reacting because you're distracted.
    You look when you cross the road so why not look when you drive on the road?

  • It will save lives

    We have this law in Australia. It is illegal to text or use a phone when you drive. If you do then you will get a fine and lose points on your licence, if it continues you will lose your licence.

    Distracted drivers are one of the biggest kills on the roads.

  • They did it in California.

    And ultimately not a lot changed. I personally still see plenty of people texting while driving.

    Although I agree that a law should be in place restricting it, perhaps we should do something else for enforcement. It's hard to enforce, and yes it risks lives. I cannot think of any great solutions, but perhaps someone else will.

  • Texting can kill

    Texting, not unlike talking on the phone, divides your attention AWAY from the task at hand, making you less aware of those on the road around you and thus increases the chances of a potentially lethal car crash. Where I live, a car recently blew up because there driver was texting, lost control, and crashed into a light post at the perfect angle to cause critical engine damage. Think about that.

  • I think Florida should make a law so drivers can be pulled over only for texting.

    I think Florida should because it is very unsafe to text and drive. Many people have been killed because of texting and driving. It is dangerous for the driver and other passengers in the car. If you're driving and texting you're not aware of other things around you because you're too focused to your phone. You could run a red light or not notice a car stopping in front of you.

  • It causes more accidents

    According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), 3/4 of the states that enacted laws banning texting while driving, or allowing police officers to pull over people while texting and driving, saw an INCREASE in car crashes. Why? The data shows that before such laws were enacted people who would text drive would do so in a manner in which they held their cellphone on top of their steering wheel, allowing people to still see the road ahead of them. After the new no texting while driving laws were put into place, people would then text with their cellphone in their lap so they would not be as easily caught. The outcome then became that drivers had their eyes COMPLETELY off of the road, hence increasing the possibilities for accidents.

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