• Heartbreakingly cruel practice

    Ducks and geese are gods creatures too. He did not put them on this earth to be tortured and cruely abused by greedy humans. There are so many other ways to enjoy great food without putting defenseless animals through misery. The fact foie gras even exists breaks my heart. The pain these poor ducks go through is unimaginable. Go to stopforcefeeding.Com for more info about the cruelty and how you can help put a stop to this inhumane practice

  • Meh. It's not as heartbreakingly cruel as you think.

    -Ducks have no gag reflex... Hence they do not experience the same disturbing feeling as we would should we be force-fed... We anthropomorphise the image of force-feeding.

    -Ducks store most of their excess fat in their liver... Hence the dramatic difference in size between a 'foie gras' liver and a normal duck liver can't be taken into account with the same impact

    -not all 'foie gras' 'farms' raise the ducks in horrible conditions as discussed in heavily biased sites such as 'stopforcefeeding.Com'

  • No foie fras should not be banned everywhere.

    Although the process of foie gras is very disturbing and is not ethical in many places, it fallows a French tradition and therefore it should not banned every as it is part of some peoples heritage. It is wrong to tell someone their heritage is wrong and immoral if it something their people have been for centuries.

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