• Foie gras should be banned

    Torturing animals for our eating pleasure is morally wrong. I'm not saying we should stop eating meat. If we treat the animals well i don't think that's a problem. However, these birds are being abused, they are being forced-fed. Their liver will swell as much as 10 times their size. And I can assure you... Well that hurts.. Alot. So we should stop eating foie gras.

  • Yes it should!

    Those poor animals! Wow, I actually did not know what that was until I looked it up just now. That is incredibly inhumane to force feed them like that. They should not have to live through torture their entire lives just to be eaten. What a sad thing this is to hear about!

  • Meat is Meat

    No, foie gras should not be illegal, because it should be legal to eat meat in whatever form it is prepared. People who are against eating meat will take everything to extremes. Pretty soon we won't be able to drink cow's milk. The next step after that is banning vegetables, because they are living things too. We should be able to eat foie gras and all meat.

  • Foie gras should be legal.

    The idea of torturing ducks for the sake of foie gras is no different than other practices we use to consume meat. These ducks are treated humanely. The process would be torture if applied to human beings, but ducks have a different digestive system that makes this a minimal process. If you ban foie gras, all meat should be banned.

  • No, but people should stop eating it, anyway.

    California attempted to ban foie gras since it is created by basically abusing (force-feeding) birds, but this was overturned. So, it doesn't sound like it could genuinely/constitutionally be banned. But if people genuinely care about the treatment of animals and want to force those who produce them for consumption to do the same, then it's our job to stop eating food that is generated in a cruel manner, including foods such as foie gras and veal. It needs to start at the grassroots level, removing any demand for this type of food.

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