• Food should be allowed in class because

    Kids may skip breakfast and need a energy boost. Many kids cant focus on an empty stomach. Kids can't perform task if they are hungry. Food increases memory. I understand that it may be distracting but think about it many people talk to their friends,you won't hear the students chomping on food or opening bags. For some kids at school is the only time for them to eat.

  • No of course not

    U guys need to loose some weight because u guys r starting to get really fat so please please please please please please please please please please please please please please stop eating & u have food at home already so I don't know why u would need more food 😛

  • No one like hunger

    There are some students who don't eat at home. School lunches may be their only way of eating that day.

    Like I said, no one likes hunger. It can be a HUGE distraction in the classroom if you're starving. Work simply can't be done if someone is just too hungry

  • What do you mean

    Yes, of course food should be allowed at school. That goes without saying. Ever heard of lunchtime? And food should be allowed in classrooms unless the food is distracting students or causing allergic reactions. It kind of depends on the teachers policy. Like, in my language arts class, I'm allowed to eat, but not in science class. That makes sense, right?

  • Food should be allowed in classrooms

    Students often tend to get hungry in class. They will start to complain and stop focusing on their work. That's exactly why they should have a snack to eat and get back to work. Teachers should take snacks because that will cause the student to be mad and not focus. That will lead to a failing grade.

  • Food should be allowed at school

    Food is fuel for the proper functioning of a person. Children learn better when they are nourished in both body and mind. Food is necessary to the body and helps fuel the mind as well. Students should have access to good sources of nutrition and be encouraged to make healthy choices for themselves.

  • Food Should Be Allowed in Class

    Yes, food should be allowed in school, specifically in class. While many might claim that food is a distraction, hunger pains can be distracting to students even worse, and being allowed to have a sandwich or chips may be the difference between that studet excelling, or failing due to the distraction of hunger.

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