Should food companies such as McDonald's be regulated in terms of the nutritional content of their products?

  • No Pink Slime, No '100% Beef' Claims

    McDonald's has always been the bane of fast food critics when they claim their hamburgers are "100 percent real beef." With recent controversies over "pink slime" in foods, it's time for fast food companies to truly reveal what is in their foods, not just calories and nutrition data. Food labels with ingredients are required on foods on grocery store shelves, so why not in fast food restaurants?

  • No, regulating the nutritional content of food companies oversteps the government's boundaries.

    No, food companies such as McDonald's should not be regulated according to the nutritional content of their food. Our country's founders wanted to have a government free from leadership that involved itself in issues best left to the general populace. For the government to step in and attempt to regulate food companies so that certain "desirable" nutritional goals were achieved removes the element of an individual consumer's right to choose what to purchase. Furthermore, it adds costly and unnecessary bureaucracy to an already overburdened government.

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