Should food, especially meat, be created in a science lab with test tubes for our consumption?

Asked by: Reni-1_3
  • Manufactured food, created properly, has no clear inherit disadvantages over 'natural' food

    Although artificial food creation may be abused, it also has the potential to provide clear and tangible benefits to society. It may be possible to remove non-healthy aspects of food (fat, sugar, etc.) and replace them with various sugar substitutes and/or vital nutrients. The opposition finds manufactured food repulsive, opting for a 'natural' or 'organic' substitute, despite the fact that processed food has been found to have the same (if not more) nutritional value compared to organic food. In a sense, all food is manufactured. The meat of a cow is simply a product of years of bodily development all controlled by a 'machine' (the blood system, the digestive system, etc.). There is no real difference between processed food and organic food, as science has shown us.

  • Off Course, you fools!

    Why on earth would there even be 1%, let alone 54% of people replying "no"? There is absolutely no discussion to be had. There are no known risks and the meat is just as nutritious, if not more! Only an ignorant fool would submit the "no" answer. It's as simple as that.

  • Sure, why not

    If we try to move to another planet in the (distant) future, we might NEED to create our own food this way. This may be just us expanding, or we might destroy earth (thanks dumbasses) and everyone gets on the ship from WALL-E.

    I also don't think everything will immediately switch to being scientifically manufactured. So while there may be a brand or two that switch, you will still be able to by regular meat.

  • Yes for sustainability

    With the explosive growth in world population,with a fixed land available for agriculture, we need less land space to produce more food , which is provided by test tube and laboratory environment. It will take more plant based food to feed a ruminant than human, so is better to feed on plant based food.

  • Sick and wrong.

    What's so wrong about regular old beef? Why are we so desperate to create food in a lab? Oh that's right, to reduce pollution coming from the leftovers from meat industries. First of all, animals die all the time, and their bodies are left to decay on Earth. That is the natural way of life. Haven't done much research, but what is the difference between this, and meat farms? They take the meat they need, and the leftovers go back on the ground where they decay and fertilize the ground. GMO foods is one thing, but to create meat in a science facility so that so called pollution is reduced, and so that vegetarians could possibly eat hamburgers now, is just sick wrong and goes against the natural way of life. We have these resources for a reason, beef for food, science facilities to create medicines for humans. And if we want to reduce pollution, how bout we start with the vehicles that pollute by the minute, or the factories that throw plumes of polluted smoke into our atmosphere. The meat farms should not be the first target, maybe some could be revamped, but not put out of business because some scientists is rewarded money to create fake meat. What's next, scientific plant life because we cut down too many trees in a year? Scientific fruits because animals need them more? Scientific drinks because we won't have anything else to make a drink with if we continue down this path? If you think McDonalds and Burger King are bad, well science has got something for you, and it's not medicine to cure cancer.

  • Who knows what's in there?

    For the sake of our health, we should get our meat from real sources. First of all, processed foods have stuff we don't know about. Maybe God doesn't even know what's in a Chicken McNugget. A real source of food from a real animal is the best way of knowing what's good and what's not.

  • Good for you one day, bad the next, keep it NATURAL

    If meat is ever created in a science lab with test tubes and chemicals what will happen to our hard working farming industries? They will crash. What will happen to our animals? Will they be tested on in these science labs? Sure the chemicals and all the weighing up in test tubes may be seen as healthy for consumption today, but we are now seeing many things we thought in past to be healthy causing delayed side effects... This would not be healthy, it would be disrupting the economy, what will happen in poor countries where they rely on sale of their cows? Once you pass the line of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable you never come back. This is dangerous wondering down an unknown path which could go horribly wrong and have horrific ongoing effects.

  • It is disgusting

    The fact that we have already found a solution to solve world hunger and everyone is ignoring it. Plant based diets are the solution. We have known this for quite some time, but, people do not want to admit their addictions to meat and that is just beating around the bush we solved the problem now lets act.

  • It is disgusting

    The fact that we have already found a solution to solve world hunger and everyone is ignoring it. Plant based diets are the solution. We have known this for quite some time, but, people do not want to admit their addictions to meat and that is just beating around the bush we solved the problem now lets act.

  • We don't even know everything we need nutritionally yet.

    How are we supposed to manufacture something that we don't understand? Nutritionists can not agree on what's best for people. Some think meats are bad, others think grains, it goes on down to specific foods and chemicals. Each person is unique, and you can't manufacture what they need. It is intuitive, so why make it complex? The implications would also be immense, how would you effect the natural cycle of some creatures like ringworms.There is a reason it is a bad idea for man to mess with nature. Insofar as this moment it is generally to complex for us to understand anything other than the surface. How do our own brains work? Our DNA?

  • I believe that natural sources of meat are better than artificially grown meat

    I myself am a meat eater, I honestly do not like the idea of having my food that I eat be grown inside a lab who knows where and then shipped to my local market. I acknowledge that factory farms are definitely not that much better, but it's better to know where our meat comes from rather than have it made in some lab where they use who knows what, and it may actually be even more harmful to human health than processed meat.

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