• Yes, Distribution of tax money is poor currently

    The gov. Should shave off some of the taxpayer money they use for war and use it to pay a quarter of the cost of products farmers and ranchers produce and pass those savings onto the taxpayer. It's just absurd that processed crap food is cheaper than fruits vegetables and meats. But that's capitalism I guess.

  • Less Traffic in cities

    What is really annoying is traffic jams and what causes traffic is mostly cars. If we get rid of them imagine how much quieter it would be in cities! Lots of cars take up way more space than a few buses and trucks. We should ban cars from cities!

  • It's Called "Supply And Demand"

    When I go the the grocery store, I never fail to see someone wasting their money, Not only on unhealthy snacks, But also on healthy food as well. If people would stop being lazy and shop around, The food wouldn't be so expensive! If you are going to pay $6-8 for a jug of milk when you can get the same thing elsewhere for only $2-3, You deserve to be poor! It's called "common sense".

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