• Of course! No doubt about it!

    By limiting food stamps purchases to healthy foods only, we give poor people the gift of a better life and we only save millions of dollars in medicaid and medicare costs. This does not in any way take away their choice or freedom! They can buy as many junk food as they wish, just not with our tax money!

  • The fact that unemployment is whimsicle is obvious in the United States.

    Even though junk food may be...Cheaper? It is not what people who are struggling need. If health is considered in hard times, then this is what people should agree on. I recently got approved for food stamps because I'm an unemployed college student on a scholarship, but I still feel like I'm cheating somebody out of something. I feel like I owe it to somebody to use these stamps to have a healthy diet.

  • Yes for the sake of the people who are buying it.

    Here is an idea take off any junk food deli pre made crap off the eligibility list let them receive a voucher once a month for 10-20 dollars in whatever they want so that they can buy that once a month treat but cant go overboard. Cut down on what is eligible fresh fruits and vegetables rice and pastas canned and frozen fruits and veggies. Frozen veggie pizza lean meats low sodium cold cuts a variety of cereal and breads fresh not concentrate juices sugar free bottled drinks canned sauces and seasonings . Let them discover the fun of creating dishes that are all there own.

  • To an extent

    I think that pre made deli items should be cut out. Especially 40-50 dollar cakes. There should be a limit on soda and junk food. How about every month you get a voucher that's taken out of your monthly balance for 15$ or 20$ in junk food or change food stamps over to how WIC is set up you can only get the items listed on the voucher. It could include fresh fruits and vegetables pastas canned fruits and veggies frozen fruits and veggies lean cut meats low sodium cold cuts . Variety of cheese products veggie pizza pre made salads in a bag rice soups and crackers as well as a variety of breads frozen or fresh. Let them buy seasonings and sauces and discover the fun in creating your own meal creations.

  • I see people every day abusing it, using it as a crutch, and the system needs to be reformed, not destroyed!

    I'm 19, i work at a wal-mart, and I see people abusing food stamps, some even are hurt by it as they make their way to buy things they need, and they're limited. So, yes, maybe we do need to limit it, with the new EBT cards, that should be easier then ever! People have abused this system and used it for so many diffrent hings, from being a bartering tool, to buying the fresh cut of meat they'd never get daily otherwise!

    The point of the EBT/food stamps/SNAP system in 1939 or so, was to ensure that the STARVING, could get their food, not the HUNGRY.
    If you are HUNGRY, you are not STARVING. There is a difference, but now, Starving is synonymous to very hungry.
    That is false.

    Looking at this system currently i have to wonder, why don't they issue cards based on a life-style test that is given and studied, changed every year, and the person that is applying, is asked to have their life-style studied briefly they foods they would NORMALLY buy, and then, have their EBT card come in the mail with a list of limited foods, and a stated reason being that it is not ethical- is it not -to have someone buy CANDY, with EBT, when other people are barely able to get MILK, with EBT in some of the more rare cases.

    EBT has come out with cards, they need to use the cards as a way to limit their abusers, and limit their useres- ETHICLY -to enure people get what they truly need an or would like.

    Maybe they limit candy purchases to a single or 3 purchase limit.
    And, fast food limited to a ten purcahse limit if funds are able to let the purchase happen.

    We need to change it, yes, but not limit it to simply EVERYTHING to being health food... Where would your favoritre cereals be in the mix then? Or, certian baking supplies? Hmm?

  • Yes, it is not their money so they should be limited

    I work at a grocery store and I've seen people with food stamps buying things I can't even afford. A $6 tiny thing of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream? I thought food stamps were to help people survive not enjoy gormet foods that some working Americans can't even afford. Food stamps should be limited to only foods people need to survive, they can buy their luxuries with money they actually work for.

  • Yes, It is NOT their money to misuse

    I work at a grocery store and I've seen people with food stamps buying complete nonsense or items I can't even afford. There is no need to be a tiny $5 thing of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The government is giving you money to survive so use it for only the things you need to survive.

  • Yes, it should be limited to stop obesity!

    America has became obese and that causes more health problems. There are many who have had a heart attack and/or died. Obesity is a disease and it is spread throughout all of America. Eating healthy can help people live longer and happier. Health is a problem that America needs to fix!

  • Yes, because I've seen food stamps spent on things like bubblegum and beer.

    I have seen food stamps spent on silly items such as bubblegum and beer. Where are the vegetables and fruits and grains and lean meats, and dairy products like milk and cheese? Remember the food pyramid? Tie the free food to healthy choice. Potato chips and candy bars should not be purchased using my tax dollars.

  • Lol @ food nazi's

    No. Simple as that. Nobody has the right to control what someone else eats simply because of their financial status. That is crazy. My son is disabled and has been diagnosed with Failure To Thrive. If he is not given the foods he can handle or that he likes, he is not the typical child who will eat when they are hungry enough. He will literally starve himself to death. So no, it's not up to you, you, or you to decide whether my child can eat pizza, hot dogs, chips, etc. Simply because his only "crime" is being disabled. What a bunch of food nazi's!! Don't enforce things on others that you would not like enforced upon yourselves.

  • They Should Not Be Limited

    We should not limit what food items you can purchase with food stamps. Some people rely solely on food stamps to do their grocery shopping. It wouldn't be fair if they could only purchase health food due to this policy. It is their money and they should be able to spend it how they want to.

  • No, it should be left up to the individuals what food to buy.

    The purpose of food stamps is to help people out, not to circumscribe people into specific choices. I think the social norm for food stamps is that people abuse the system and will use the food stamps for booze, fried chicken, and candy. I think that if someones parents have more money they should not be able to have candy but not poor kids.

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