• Adopt a healthy lifestyle

    Even if the school doesn't teach so, We need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As stated above, It can cause a ripple effect on the oncoming generations. Although some people might oppose this, Eating healthy is a way to be the potential resource of a country. Health is more important than wealth.

  • Make sure kids eat healthy food

    Kids should eat healthy foods, Because it can make you grow tall, And can get vitamins from different type of vegetables, Unlike eating junk food. Junk food can't make you grow tall, But can make you obese. Eating healthy food can make you focus, And active. On the other hand Junk food can make you sleepy.

  • Foods should be healthy in schools canteen

    I agree because nowadays kids eat to much junk food and starting to feel unwell. Healthy food makes you strong , fit and has lots of protean. Some kids are not getting the right nutrients to help them grow , concentrate at school and stay healthy in adult life .

  • Healthy foods in schools matter!

    Children who don't have enough nutrients have trouble focusing in class. The nutritional issues that affect children when they don't eat healthy are growth, bone health, dental health, obesity, body image, concentration and learning, eating habits, lifestyle diseases, and much more.
    It helps the kids grow. It helps the kids form strong teeth, bones, and muscles. It helps protect the kids from diseases in the future. It helps the kids have a lot of energy during the day. It helps their brain develop.

  • Yes,food in schools should be healthy.

    Whenever possible food in schools should be as healthy as possible.This will allow students to get a good start to their day because it has been shown in several studies that students who are exposed to good nutrition will have better achievement than those who do not eat as well.

  • Healthy is always better!

    There's so reason schools should serve or sell junk food. It's everyone's right to eat that sort of thing, but if students want it, they can bring it from home. The food served by the school should have at least some semblance of nutritional value. Serving junk food is no good for anything but the school's profits, and that's not what education should be about.

  • Healthy Eating Part of Learning Process

    Healthy eating at school is part of the learning process. Fruits, vegetables and fresh meats should be served whenever possible. Yes, healthy foods are more expensive than processed foods. However, school kids can take matters into their own hands. Biology classes can grow vegetables in the school's courtyard or near the parking lot. Rooftops can have container gardens for more fresh vegetables as well. Healthy school lunches are all about the overall attitude of the school district.

  • Yes, it might as well be.

    Yes, foods in schools should be healthy, because it is the best choice among alternatives. If the school has to serve food, there is no reason not to serve healthy food. Children have plenty of opportunities to eat junk food. Their parents should have a say in their diets. There is not much ground for objection to students being served healthy food at school. The junk can wait.

  • School Foods Need to Be Healthy

    For obvious reasons, school foods need to be healthy, especially in elementary and high schools in the United States. Students need to grow up eating foods that are actually nutritious for their bodies. Otherwise, they grow up learning to rely upon unhealthy and sugary foods that only hurt their bodies.

  • Yes, at least have the option.

    School foods should at least give the students more healthy alternatives, but not necessarily force it on the child. No one wants to be forced to eat something and some people will not eat if they do not like the food, having more options could help prevent students from going without eating.

  • A balanced diet is the best way!

    A balanced diet puts children in a positive mind frame, ready to work. Not everyone loves to eat healthy food.
    Children love to eat cupcakes and cookies, but they also love their various vegetables and fruits such as carrots and apples. And according to the Australian Canteen Guidelines, cupcakes and cookies are in the green zone, meaning that they should and can be sold at school canteens.

  • Healthy does not equal quality

    I would rather have a bag of chips with a soda instead of slimy canned peaches and mystery meat. The government can barely afford real food, let alone fresh fruits or vegetables. High schoolers are old enough to decide whether they want to eat bad or good. Kids any younger should eat healthy at home because it is not the school's job to dictate what choices kids make in their diets.

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