• Football is fun

    Football is fun for so many people who watch it. Football can be something that brings families and friends together. Some people only meet there family for football. Also football helps people make friends with football. Then then may lose friends in the summer time when fort all in not on.

  • Football should be all year long

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  • Football should not be all year long

    While football is a highly entertaining sport and while myself and millions of other football fans would love to watch it all year long, I believe football players deserve and need a break. They need a break in between football season in order to train and relax in order to prepare themselves for the next season.

  • No, the players need to be able to do more

    Football should not be all year long, because that would put too much of a burden on the players. The sport is already dangerous and players risk frequent concussions. If the sport were played year round that would increase the number of times one player is tackled and would likely increase the number of injuries.

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