• Football Beast Mode

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  • It is better hat way

    Kids can learn how to do plays better and become really good and the coaches will have more time to find out who they could put in positions but I really think that it is the kids decision if they want to play sports year round after all it does effect them the most

  • Mi mi 123

    Football is such a stupid sport was is the point in it???? THERE IS NO POINT!!!!!!!! I mean come on touchdown pass woohoo score Green Bay wins the game what is the point in all of this crap. There is none. You will get hurt any way. MI MI 123 out!!

  • No, it is too dangerous.

    No, football should not be year round, because it is dangerous enough as it is. Students need the opportunity to play other sports. Parents do not want to sit in the winter snow to watch football. Coaches want a break. It is important that football not be played year round, because everyone involved needs a break.

  • Sports Need Seasons With Breaks

    Traditionally all sports have a specified season, in which, games are played for that particular sport. During the off-season, players are afforded the opportunity to have a break from consistent weekly game play, it also gives them the opportunity to heal from injuries acquired during a season. There are sports for every season, so there is no need for football to be year-round.

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