Should football make a new rule to make the game safer?

Asked by: treeface
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  • What new rule?

    There are no rules in the game of football that's going to make it safer for anyone. If anyone doesn't want his or her child to get hurt in sports, this is one they need to keep the kids out of. What are they supposed to do hit like girls or something just to make the game safer?? Anyone who's getting into football needs to be well aware of the risks that are involved before getting into the sport. There are risks in every sport.

  • It's a contact sport

    I personally think they've already made more than enough rules to keep players safe. I was watching some old clips of Ray Lewis and he was hitting receivers running slants, sacking the QB, and he completely layed the halfback. The thing was he was hitting them hard and with his head leading. I watched some new footage from modern players (Patrick Willis, Earl Thomas. Clay Matthews etc.) and they would hit receivers on the slant and they'd get a penalty. It's a contact sport and you have to be able to take a hit. I think the heads up rule is enough. There is gonna be injuries and that's just part of the game.

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