• YES they should!

    For-profit education just makes our expenses go up! I think having to pay so much for school is ridiculous! We want our population to thrive? How about bringing down the cost or paying a little more in taxes to make education more affordable. Sweden does that, and it's amazing! Their children all have free health-care, dental, and school, all the way through college. They pay higher taxes, but they have more educated people and reap so much from what they sow.

  • It isn't even healthy:

    There's absolutely no reason to generate a distinct difference between educational standards between humans. That's like feeding the poor rotten food and feeding everyone else food that is safe to eat. Oh, right, we used to do that ... Oh dang. I wonder how they ever managed to justify that.

  • Seeking profits imply cutting corners

    For-profit universities often hire professors part-time with much lower wages and overcrowd the classroom. This implies that either the professors are not the top of their field and/or don't have enough time to devote to teaching vs non-for-profit universities. The students are the losers here. Providing good professors with time to teach should be the top priority of any good university,

  • They are Scam and they are Capitalist.

    They judge student creativity and did not support them and give them shitty idea just only give ability to pass. If they support their idea, They change their way of thinking.

    One time my final year project idea was parking system for handicap and got turn down by my lecturer because he said it was too easy and give me the shitty idea call system for mushroom farming (it was base on his field) and i end up failing.

  • They’re a scam!

    These schools are fraudulent and prey on hopes of young adults who are looking for an alternative to a 4 years. These institutions leave thousands with ridiculous student loans and no jobs after completion. These programs could be taken at a local community college for a tenth of the price.

  • No, keep them.

    I see no reason to shut them down. They generate money, employ people, educate people and are entirely voluntary. If you or your child does not want to attend the school, then don't. Public education is still available. Plus, for profit education can be more specialized (eg. Religious, boarding etc) and some may prefer to go there to receive some learning that is not found in public schools. Many people do well in private schools and I see no reason to shut them down.

  • Chasing profit is not a bad idea

    For people who are wealthy and expect their children to receive a high quality education, private school is a good option, because these institutions can provide their students with advanced teaching equipments as well as well-traiend teachers, which requires a large amount of funds. To cover this financial need, these school have to improve themselves and attract more students coming in. And I believe the students will therefore get the most benefits.
    Of course it is true that some people might think the cost of private school is way too expensive. For those person who cannot afford the tuition fee, i suggest them to attend public school which provide free access usually, and they also can get well educated there.

  • Private institutions have, are, and will always...

    Outperform public education institutions 9/10 times. Even in Finland(where the public education is considered to be the best) the private institutions outperform their public counterparts.

    Reasons: If private institutions don't perform; they go under...It's that simple. Public schools, just as any public institution get funding based on either their existence or their voting leniency. Many would say that public schools are the prime example of what should be exclusively , publicly available.

    I would argue that the POLAR opposite is true. An educational institution should be judged on the proficiency, and performance of it's students not it's availability. What good does an education do you if you aren't as educated as your counterparts.
    Privatize it all, and go with a voucher system for those that can't pay all or some of the bill.
    Right now people buy homes n accordance with which public schools are the best amongst their public counterparts. It costs $10,000 a year per year for each student. So it isn't like its cheap for the public option. The national average for a private high school is only $15,000.
    We would close that $5,000 gap when all schools are privatized.
    The same goes for public colleges and universities.

    “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

    ― Milton Friedman

  • No, I dont think they should be shut down.

    No, I don't think they should be shut down. Some for profit institutions might be bad but there are allot of good ones as well. I think people making a profit is something that comes natural to people in this country. I feel that to shut them all down would be just wrong.

  • For-Profit Keeps the Pressure On

    A for-profit institution keeps the pressure on the government-run non-profit institutions that run the education system. For too long, the public education system has had no reason to be forced to make any changes. The for-profit system pushes the non-profit system to be better, as in any industry. Public education should have full support, but for-profit outfits that are adhering to standards should continue to operate at will.

  • for-profit education institution

    No I do not think that for profit education institutions should be shut down. If people are paying for their children's education it is probably because this institution is better than the free options such as public school. Most of the time these types are a better choice even though they profit.

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