Should forcible rape be punishable by the death penalty?

Asked by: RenoAlexander
  • Rape destroys souls as well as bodies.

    Not only are crippling and fatal diseases such as syphylis and AIDS transmitted to rape victims, but the psychological and emotional damage inflicted upon them are frequently irreparable. Rape victims have often killed themselves as a direct result of the horrendous crime to which they have been subjected . This dreadful situation is compounded by a legal system which refuses to treat rape like the heinous crime that it in fact is.

  • Yeah, they do

    Rape is a disgusting, horrible thing that ruins lives and causes serious mental issues. Just thinking about scarring someone and ruining their life simply because you felt a little horny is disgusting and horrible. You're traumatizing an innocent human being simply because you wanted to be a greedy and vile piece of garbage. If you commit rape, you've already sold your soul away. You've ruined someone's life forever. You've most likely caused that person severe PTSD, manic depression, crippling anxiety, and horrible trust issues. Hell, that person could've killed themselves from the event. Rape is unforgivable and disgusting. All rapists deserve a special place in hell where they're tortured very painfully for all eternity. They all deserve death. No fucking exceptions.

  • Yes it should

    Rape is the ultimate destruction and immobilization of someone's sense of self control. Anyone that gets hot from forcibly raping another person should be publicly executed for this absolutely disgusting crime. As a society that treats our women with respect we should punish rapists with death or worse. Absolutely dispicable.

  • Yes we should use the death penalty in cases of forcible rape.

    Our western culture has always cherished, loved and respected our woman. Our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers deserve respect and love. We are the ones who invented chivalry and pay homage to Mary the mother of Christ in our religion. Unfortunately not all people share our core beliefs and of course some that do stray. For the sake of our beloved woman these criminals need to stopped from commiting these crimes against them. And nothing prevents a individual criminal from re committing a crime better than death. If forcible rape is committed and proved the penalty should be death.

  • Yes with no doubt about that.

    Rape is a very heinous and worse crime against humanity.It's not only cause physical harm but also mentally that you have to go on live with that painfully. Sometimes trauma rape syndrome are hardly curable.So rapist should be executed in an most brutal method so that they die slowly in an sorrow and pain.

  • They are evil

    There is no room for people like that in civilized society, many killers make a terrible choice or were put in a horrible situation and a split second desicion was made. Rapists know what they are doing, they plan it and get joy from overpowering someone and taking their innocence. I am very anti death penalty but not for these f**king people.....

  • They are evil

    There is no room for people like that in civilized society, many killers make a terrible choice or were put in a horrible situation and a split second desicion was made. Rapists know what they are doing, they plan it and get joy from overpowering someone and taking their innocence. I am very anti death penalty but not for these f**king people.....

  • The rape not should but MUST be punishable by the death Penalty

    Rape is an act that destroys the human from inside out. The act itself makes the victim different, therefore , changing the life course itself, and in some situations, suicide is what helps them to be free of the prison the rapist put them in. It's the violation of the worst kind. And it must be punishable by death , since the minimum penalty is four years. It has no effect, in four years, the rapist will destroy other multiple lives. Death however, is final. And i have no forgiveness for this kind of mentally distorted monsters.

  • Rape is a total disregard for life.

    Rape is a crime that is committed by a person that has no soul or regard for life. For a person to commit rape, they not only must think about doing it and plan it, but they actually enjoy doing it over a period of time. A person that derives pleasure from hurting another person while looking them in the face is evil to the very core of their being. To rape is proof that there is no crime that a rapist wouldn't commit. There is no hope for a person who is so heinous that they are satisfied by the pain of others.

  • Rape is a violent, selfish crime

    By making rape punishable by death, many would-be rapists in society would be forced to keep themselves in check. To rape someone is to shatter every piece of their life, often times permanently. The potential to have happy, productive, and successful lives is something that everyone wants for their own daughters and sisters. How can it be that society really feels someone who sexually violates and dominates an innocent person is worth sparing? The victims are women you know, and women you care about. At the end of the day, it's their lives that are ruined.

  • Vehicle for genocide

    If forcible rape carried a penalty of death, then false accusations--much more common than most of us are led to believe--would become a convenient means by which radical feminists in the mold of Mary Daly, who advocated the reduction in the number of living males to ten percent of the human population, could effect a campaign of genocide. Take into account radical feminists in the mold of Mary Koss, notorious for her liberties with what constitutes rape to begin with, and we begin to see the potential for a holocaust rivaling that which happened under the Third Reich.

  • No it should not.

    There was a study in 1985 by Mary Koss for Ms. Magazine. They asked women "Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn't want to because a man gave you alcohol or drugs?" The question was criticized as being ambiguous. Only 27% of women who answered "yes" to that question actually viewed themselves as rape victims. Moreover, 43% of the women who answered "yes" previously had intercourse with their rapist and 42% had intercourse with their rapist at a later date. These findings have been misinterpreted as "1 in 4 women will be raped." We don't know how many of those later occasions were voluntary and how many were repeat rapes but this tells us that women who are raped usually don't immediately break up the relationship.

    So I had sex drunk, but I would not want my boyfriend getting killed.

  • We shouldn't have the death penalty

    While rape is one of the worst crimes imaginable, the government deciding who should live and who should die is never the right thing to do. Governments exist to protect our right to life, and when given the power to kill us for committing a crime, will abuse this power. While the death penalty can be justified for things like murder and rape, it is only a matter of time before the government will use anti-state crimes to justify the death penalty. This is why the question posed is not really about the severity of rape, but rather, the legitimacy of the death penalty.

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ClassicRobert says2013-07-15T04:42:42.293
Is there non-forcible rape?
Marshall-Abarca says2013-07-15T06:20:52.680
There's statutory rape that's what Reno means by specifically saying "forcible-rape"