Should Ford have dumped Microsoft for BlackBerry's infotainment system?

  • A Ford owner thinks Microsoft had to go!

    Yes I believe Ford made a smart choice leaving Microsoft for Blackberry. As a Ford owner I find the Microsoft infotainment system unreliable and a bit antiquated. Ford, in order to keep up and move forward needed to find a better answer to the infotainment system it is currently using.

  • Yes, Ford should have dumped Microsoft for BlackBerry.

    Yes, Ford was correct to dump Microsoft for BlackBerry's infotainment. Ford has been plagued with repeated complaints from customers about the old Microsoft interface, which had many bugs over the years. To keep the interest of customers, it is prudent of Ford to introduce a new interface that is easier to use. The new interface may help keep customer's interested in the Ford brand.

  • No, Ford was right not to dump Microsoft for BlackBerry.

    On one hand, in serious tech circles, Microsoft is not exactly considered to be on the cutting edge of technological development. But on the other hand, neither is BlackBerry, and Microsoft at least has the advantage of being a tech brand widely recognized, used, and understood by the general public who are only concerned with technology in as far as it meets their basic, non-technical needs. BlackBerry, though not yet dead, will likely remain a bastion of the business world, and so Ford's move makes sense.

  • No, Ford should not have switched to Blackberry.

    Ford recently announced that they would get rid of Microsoft for their infotainment system and replace it with BlackBerry. This begs the question: "Oh, BlackBerry still exists." People have been moving in droves away from BlackBerry phones so this represents the companies best shot to have any relevancy. Microsoft has to be a better company.

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