• Ship them back

    They broke laws; if they are not citizens or permanent legal aliens, they should be shipped back. It is costly to house a criminals in jail and we should not have to pick up the tab. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . .. . ... . ..

  • People who commit violent crimes should nor be permitted to stay here.

    Entering a foreign country is a privilege. Those who abuse the privilege should not be allowed to stay in an adoptive country. In addition, people who are citizens of a country have the reasonable expectation that their government will keep them safe. One way a government can do this is by deporting known violent criminals.

  • Foreign criminals should be deported after committing a crime

    Foreign criminals have no place in the United States after committing a crime. While meting out justice is fine, and very much required, a foreign criminal should not be afforded the rights, and comforts, that often come with being housed in a United States prison. Send them back to prisons in their home lands.

  • Foreign Criminals Should be Deported

    I believe foreign criminals should be deported. If they are illegal, they should not be here anyway and should be deported whether they commit a crime or not. If they are legal but not a citizen they should be deported because their time here waiting to become a citizen should be a probationary period. If they don't obey the rules of this country they shouldn't be allowed to stay.

  • Foreign Criminals should not necessarily be deported after committing a crime

    I think that foreign criminals should be tried in the country in which they committed the crime, unless they have committed a more serious crime in a different country. For instance, if a criminal gets deported and tried in their home country and the serious crime which they committed in the USA is not punished as such in their home country, then by deporting them we are not giving the victim(s) the justice they deserve.

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