Should foreign language be required in junior high and high school?

  • More knowledge never hurts

    Foreign languages give students insight into the English language, as well as other cultures. In many countries around the world, students speak at least two languages fluently so they can communicate better with international neighbors and increase their professional potential. There is no reason why teens in middle school and high school should not learn another language.

  • Yes, foreign language is an essential life skill

    Learning a foreign language teaches students not only about other cultures and people across the globe, but also helps them to better understand better how their own language functions. By learning how the rules work in a different language, they can see how the rules in their own are similar and different. Moreover, foreign language affords more employment opportunities to graduates, as bilingual workers often receive a better pay differential for their ability. It's a skill in high demand.

  • Yes, learning different languages is a crucial part of modern education.

    Due to huge recent advances in technology, the world is becoming increasingly small. Modern business takes place on a global scale, and those with the knowledge of languages, especially common languages beyond their native tongue, have a distinct advantage in not only the business world but also the world in general. Learning other languages is also an effective way to learn about different cultures and broaden one's perspective.

  • Foreign languages help prepare children for better business opportunities.

    Having a background in additional foreign languages can help prepare children for more business opportunities later in life. Many jobs on the market require bilingual speakers, especially those requiring communication with overseas partners and translation between different groups. Foreign languages help to open the door for children into a greater job market.

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