Should foreign language courses be added to the U.S. elementary curriculum?


    It should be VALUABLE languages like Russian, Chinese, French, & German.

  • Foreign languages should be taught at a young age

    One it helps us be more culturally accepting. WE were based on immigrants from EVERYWHERE in the world. In fact back then language didn't matter, it was religion. We don't speak English because that's our offical language, it's because the majority of people have spoken English since our beginning. Second all other nations require a second language learned and maybe even more. My mother knows the basics of FIVE different languages because that was what was expected of her in her home country which wasn't America. We should not lag behind because we think we are superior. If we are going to teach important languages then they should be Spanish and French because those are the two languages the nations around us speak. It isn't hard to learn a second language when your young, the older you get the harder it will get.

  • I do believe that kids should learn other languages

    There are many reasons why kids should learn foreign languages and I come up with a few:
    1.) It is proven that kids that know more languages can learn more material faster
    2.) There are more than 40 million Spanish speaking people in our country
    3.) Learning more languages helps us understand other cultures which is important
    4.) We should become closer to other countries and learning their language would definitely help
    5.) Knowing more languages helps people to be accepted to High School and College.
    I know that many people have to argue that people coming to our country should learn our language not vise versa but that is only one statement. I mean its not that hard to learn a language. I'm going to Japan this summer so I decided to learn some Japanese and found out its pretty fun to learn other languages.
    We'll that's all I have to say but I hope you saw my point of view.

  • I didn't get to start learning until high school.

    I am now fully bilingual. Foreign language wasn't offered until high school where I went to school. I feel a bit cheated to be honest. There are some situations where I don't feel entirely comfortable speaking the other language. For instance, if I know the other person speaks English too (unless they're a close friend). I get all nervous and I just revert to speaking English for some reason. I feel like if foreign language was offered in elementary school, I wouldn't be timid at all. I feel like I would be able to speak more than two languages as well.

  • Maybe it can educate your kids to not be simpleminded assholes.

    I'm in college right now, writing a paper on this very topic. I've done some research. First off, kids are more likely to use the foreign language they learn in elementary school then they are 90% of the math they learn in high school. It's no surprise that there is an increase in multinational corporations. If you pay attention to the jobs that are projected to grow over the next several years, or you do some research you would learn there is a projected increase for jobs as interpreters and/or translators. Second, yes there are budget cuts to education, but that could be fixed in a plethora of ways. By denying children of learning a foreign language in elementary school due to budget cuts, you're pretty much saying, "hey the adults don't know how to handle their funds, so you will suffer" because that is exactly what will happen. The idiocy that is included in the statements of "we live in America, learn English" blows my mind. Yes, we do live in America, but America is not the only country out there, and while English is spoken in plenty of places, a lot of countries do not speak English. Arguments like that are why people have such a negative opinion of Americans. We think we are so entitled, and we are not. No person is better then another person just because they are from a certain country. It's time we woke up and realized that we are not entitled to anything, and that we should learn to work with foreign investors, and not just expect our foreign investors to work around our wants.

  • Beneficial to your future

    What if you get a nice job and the boss needs someone who can negotiate foreign affairs. You actually know the language well, and you get promoted. Or if you always wanted to go to Spain and run with the bulls or go to Oktoberfest or many other things that are not in America. And instead of walking around with a book or smart phone out the whole trip you can actually relax and even blend in with the locals.

  • Schools should have foriegn language programs

    Students from around the world have to learn them so why should we not? It would make poeple from other countries feel more accepted. I'm dure if you go on a vacation to anouther country you want to feel accepted, so should they! They are people like we are so we should make them feel like it. What if your in a store and someone asks you a question in another language. What would you say? So my answer is yes.

  • Most people saying no have only tunnel vision

    It is ignorant to say that we as people of the united states need only know english, the world is getting smaller with connecting with whomever making it very important to be able to communicate with them. The world does not revolve around us. Get out of your box for once people, there is a whole lot more in the world than just us.

  • How ignorant to say no

    Us as America can become so close minded that we think the whole world revolves around us. Why not learn the language of our neighbors below us? So many countries have more than one recognized foreign language. Our own does as well, french and Hawaiian are considered national languages. Only benefits here for getting rid of language barriers.

  • Learning a 2nd language makes children smarter people!

    Studies show that children who are given foreign language lessons in early years (up to age 12) score significantly on cognitive testing in both math and reading in later years. When a child is young he/she can assimilate multiple languages in a more natural way than we can as adults or even older teens. When a child's mind is still developing is the best time to expose them to another language.

  • This is our country, speak our language.

    This is America, and we speak English. Now, look all around you and how many of your peers/associates can speak perfect English? My point being, we need to spend more time learning/teaching our native language, rather than teaching another one. Not many people born in the U.S. are going to be moving out of country any time soon, and wont be needing to learn anybody else's language. But, lots of foreigners will be moving here. Making our kids learn the language(s) of these people is like saying youre going to take an immigrant into your home and being forced to learn their language. That's opposite, you would make them learn your language, correct? So why, why, why, should we be forced to learn another language in our own country? Youre coming to our country, learn our language. Now, I said before not many people will be moving out of the country and what not, and youre probably thinking... "Well what about those who do, or the people going on vacation?" Well that's when that person has to take the responsibility to learn the language of the place they are going, IF they feel its necessary.

  • Because we'll never use it>

    Sure lots of people are Hispanic in the US but over time they begin to pick up on English so we'll never use it anyway its pointless in our school we are forced to take Spanish and a language is suppose to be educational and fun right well all we do is sit there and go over the same thing over and over again. So this is my main idea; its useless.

  • Should be the childs choice.

    That would be another subject that child could very well fail and we dont need that. We want our children to succeed. Its our native language to speak English. Foreigners should learn our native tongue. Not the other way around! I do not agree with the idea of us having to learn another language without a choice.

  • Elementary students don't need to learn a foreign language

    At the age of an elementary student, their minds aren't capable of learning and retaining a foreign language. It's enough of a struggle for a child to learn one language, a native language, let alone learning a language that no one around them is using. Money will be wasted on text books because the student isn't very likely to retain the information that will be reinforced in highschool. Also, our education levels in math and reading are far behind other countries so we need to focus more on the important subects rather than adding these unneccessary courses.

  • Foreign Language is Not Important

    Foreign language is not important to teach my child. Health, gym, and music have been taken out of schools due to budget issues but there is enough budget for foreign language? Obesity is almost a household problem yet health is not taught in schools? I live in America where we speak English so why force our youth to learn a language they will never need or use in the future?

  • Foreign language courses should not be added to the U.S. elementary curriculum, because students have enough to learn already

    American students are quite a bit behind students in other advanced countries. They have enough on their plate as it is, and more attention should be placed on learning what is out there, instead of adding to the curriculum. It would be better if there was a concentration on improving the literacy rate, instead of wanting kids to learn to speak in another language.

  • Foreign language courses should not be added to the U.S. elementary curriculum, because students have enough to learn already.

    American students are quite a bit behind students in other advanced countries. They have enough on their plate as it is, and more attention should be placed on learning what is out there, instead of adding to the curriculum. It would be better if there was a concentration on improving the literacy rate, instead of wanting kids to learn to speak in another language.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No a concerned American

    No, a foreign language should not be part of elementary school because of apparent statistics showing American schools so far behind the curve. Problems like illiteracy, math, and sciences. We should master the basics before worrying about other subjects. Secondly, I fear trying to absorb so much foreign culture into American society puts us at threat of loosing our heritage, when there are already so many groups in America that will not assimilate into our American culture. If you live in America you need to speak English, and accept American culture before all else.

  • No way foreign language

    You shouldn't be able to learn a different language because it it just a big waste. If you learned German and you go to Mexico than that language is a huge mistake. Also, lots of people forget the language when they go to high school and junior high. Why teach it now while they are in elementary when they can learn it in high school? That is just my opinion.

  • Kids don't want or need it

    Most students are so bored by foreign languages, that they simply won't pay attention, and learn nothing. We live in a world of technology, and by the time these kids graduate, online translators will be as good as real people. Instead of foreign languages, kids should be learning how to code computers. Why? This video explains:

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Anonymous says2013-03-19T03:43:53.580
The cons are repetitive and the most of the cons are nullified in the pros section. The part where you said that it will never be used is stupid because one it protects against Alzheimer's and it widens job opportunities so that's debunked. Most of the time you were talking about loosing our traditional America and spouting off about foreigners learning our language and accepting our before coming to America is closed minded and very ignorant thought to even think of.The next thing that I actually agree/disagree with you on is that students should learn computer coding. Computer coding is great especially in our modern-day society, but it's another language in its own respect a difficult one at that too.