• 6th graders should learn foreign languages

    There are many different languages spoken all over the world. Imagine if anyone could translate every single one. Now I’m not saying everybody could learn every language known to man, but knowing just a few can still be very useful in some situations. Like if someone wanted to grow up to be a waiter in a french restaurant. Because this restaurant is France, a popular and famous vacation site, people from all over the world will be coming to eat the food served. If the waiter doesn't know different languages how will they talk to the people they are waiting on? Learning languages in school is a very educational experience because people will learn about different cultures. Not to mention how impressive it would be to show off to the family.

  • Foreign Languages Should be Taught in School

    Yes, foreign languages should be taught in school as it is wonderful for a person to understand more than one language. Understanding a second, or even third, language can help a person to communicate better with people from outside of one's own nation or culture. Therefore, languages should be taught in schools.

  • You set out to learn a language, but you learn so much more along the way.

    It is very important to be able to speak more than one language. It gives you more job oppurtunities, oftentimes helps your social life, allows you to travel freely, but most importantly, learning another language gives you a rare insight into another culture and another country. You find a deeper understanding and respect for the rest of the world. Being monolingual with not only set you back professionally and personally, but also set you back emotionally.

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