Should foreign media outlets be allowed to photograph people who may be jailed for life as a result of behavior they show to the camera?

  • I guess so

    This is a strangely worded question. Ultimately, what is the difference between being photographed by local media outlets and foreign media outlets? These days we can see news from all over the world in a matter of minutes. If the person is in a public area, I don't see why they can't be photographed, especially if the behavior is illegal or violates parole or something like that.

  • Yes, it's public domain.

    If someone has done a behavior that is illegal and it is shown to others on camera, then that becomes an area of public domain. So of course it is fine for any media outlet, even foreign media outlets, to photograph those who are now behind jail bars for the rest of their lives.

  • Photographing of criminals?

    I think that it should be legal to photograph people who are jailed for life. They are normally photographed during the trial process as well as during other points of the legal proceedings. If they are trying to profit from their crime then no, but if not then I think it's okay.

  • Freedom In Media

    I believe foreign media outlets should be allowed to photography and display people who sign a paper stating that they allow the photograph or media to be used. If this permission is not obtained then the identities of these people should be withheld and their faces should be blurred. We do not need to ban these images however people in general have a right to privacy.

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