Should foreign policy have been the focus of the final Presidential debate?

  • Foreign policy should most definitely be a focus of the Presidential debate

    Our foreign policy is a huge contributing factor to where we are today. While I don't think the debate should only focus on this topic, I do think it needs to be a main point. I think that a change in our foreign policy could save the country money and also use the troops that are stationed around the world here to better protect us at home. We need to know that the presidential candidates know that choices made about the foreign policy have a huge impact on our country.

  • Foreign Policy Important to Presidency

    Foreign policy is vitally important to American politics with issues such as the Arab Spring, foreign oil prices and drug violence in Mexico. Immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed and can also be a part of foreign policy. Candidates needed to talk about foreign policy to convince the American people who is better for the country on a global stage.

  • Foreign Policy is an Urgent Issue

    Yes, foreign policy should be the focus of the final Presidential debate. With so much going on in the world, the United States needs to change its stance on how foreign matters are handled. This country needs a non-intervention approach to world conflicts. Strong diplomatic ties are needed to avoid costly military interventions. Our leaders need to cooperate strongly with other world leaders to try to solve conflicts through diplomacy. Our relationships with other countries need to be solidified through a non-violent policy.

  • foreign policy is not that important

    The final debate was structured poorly. Seeing two politicians banter about foreign policy hardly made any progress in the minds of undecided voters. The final debate should have been about the economy and the next four years in America. It should have been about jobs, not the world. America needs to resolve its problems first and foremost.

  • Debates need to be flexible

    I don't believe that you should limit any debate to a single type of policy. The incumbent has a huge advantage in these debates. Romney lost tonight's debate because of his lack of experience in the issue, but he likely would have won if the sides were even, such as in 2008.

    Debates should be flexible, not rigid, because citizens' concerns can change on a dime, and only 3% of people in the US consider Foreign policy the dominant issue.

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