• Even though they are foreigners, but still they are in American style working system.

    As a matter of fact, I look at this matter from two different angles: One is when foreign workers are in this system and they earn money under this system regardless of who they are and what nationality they have, second their belonging and sense of nationality is related to some other countries. But when I contemplate over this matter I notice that they better be qualified to vote because they still want to make their life better by earning USD. There fore, they will vote positively rather than like negative anti social individuals, who don't care about any thing.

  • Yes, they should be

    I think on a local level its ok, the larger scale jobs I would be against it. The issue is that people are not going to relate to them on a larger scale. The problems that could arise from the backlash alone would hurt the company or what ever they are running for.

  • Foreign Citizens Don't Have a Say

    Foreign citizens are exactly that: foreigners. Until they take the time to become naturalized citizens of a particular country, foreigners should have no say in local elections. The point of citizenry is to care enough about a locale to go through the legalization process of being able to vote. Until then, foreigners have no direct say in local politics.

  • Foregn workers should not be able to vote.

    The only reason that foreign workers should be able to vote is to influence policy. The foreigners should not be able to influence local policy. Foreigners have not made the commitment to our country, and thus would not have our country in mind when influencing policy. Only citizens of the nation should be able to vote.

  • Foreign workers should not be allowd to vote in local elections

    Foreign workers should not be allowed to vote in local elections. They are not part of the community and should have not say in the decision that the people in the community decide. They can vote in their own country of residence, but not local elections. That would be unfair to people living and who are part of that community. However, they should be allowed to vote a year later.

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