• Free the foreigners!

    People from other countries should be able to vote because what if they have problems of the U. S trading with other countries so they can say what is wrong. Another reason why is because what if they don't like the president. Then they wasted their money just to get here for someone who won't listen to their opinion. The last reason why foreigners should vote is because they live in the U. S so they should have a right to vote. This is what I think about this topic. Hope you agree with me.

  • Taxation without representation?

    If the foreigners are working in the US and taxing with their American colleagues, Who should we deny their suffrage? As tax payers of the US, The decisions of elected officials will affect their lives as much as American citizens, If not more. If they live here, Tax here, And are involved in the social lives, They should have a voice in the politics.

  • Yes, they should!

    They are also part of the country and make up the population of the country too! Without foreigners, a country may not even be considered a country! Besides, most people of a particular country have to have originated from another country, unless they are indigenous to to country. Why not?

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    They know about there country and they have opinion about goverment so we need them to choose right way for our future
    I think about who disagree but they have opinion so then can do it I agree because of this reasons please reply for me thank you z z

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  • Yes they should be allow to vote

    They should be allow to vote because they are still a part of this country and if they are allow to be here than they should be allowed to vote also. It is not just because of there citizenship. And you cant just say they are uneducated voter because every vote counts and they are wised people and will know to to choice okay.

  • Voting? No way!

    This takes away the right of the natural citizen of the county. A large influx of immigrants will have all the votes of the country, Leaving the rightful citizen with whom all the foreigners have voted in. . . . . Not a good thing. This way more benefits would be given to all the foreigners- leaving the rest paying the bill. Just how many countries would allow this? Sounds like just opening it up to anyone all over the world who would like to vote~

  • People from other countries can't vote. . . And that's that!

    They shouldn't vote for our president because there not part of the USA. If they want to vote for our president they should wait for a green card to be part of the U. S. Another reason why they shouldn't vote for our president because they don't know anything about the people that voting.

  • Foreigners should not be allowed to vote

    Because they are not born in country and do not know about the current affairs of country then, why foreigner should be allowed to vote? They do not know about the candidates who is able or unable,parties and history of country. Therefor foreigners should not be allowed to cast there vote.

  • Hell no #1

    They must be full citizens to vote end of story they should not be allowed voting requirements is as following full citizenship holders only! I wish they go some where else all of them laughing out loud laugh out loud laugh dam ha ha! No get out of here now!

  • No they don't

    According to the US citizenship clause in the 14th amendment if they wanna be president they have to be born here live here for at least 14 years and it has to b before they run i dont think voting has same requirements but it also says in the constitution that voters must be full citizens too many foreigners r not!

  • No vote, no citizenship.

    Not only should foreigners not be allowed to vote, but they shouldn't even be allowed to become citizens. They could be legal residents, but only one who is born and educated in this country should be a citizen allowed to vote. Otherwise the foreigners vote their group mentality and start turning this country into the ones they exchanged for it, in search of the better life, but without the understanding of political consequences.

  • No Knowledge No Citizenship

    Foreigners have no idea who should be in office, for what they know they could be voting a dictator into office. Since they are not from or born in America they shouldn't have the same rights has Americans do. No foreign people should ever be able to vote in this great Nation.

  • No, they should not.

    Foreigners should not be allowed to vote because they could skew the election towards an unworthy candidate. They are more likely to be an uneducated voter as well due to the fact that they do not live here and are not keeping up with all of the current events in the United States.

  • Foreigners should not be allowed to vote.

    Foreigners should not be allowed to vote except in the country of their citizen ship. Most countries do not allow resident aliens to vote unless they are naturalized. One of the rights of citizenship is the right to vote. It does not make sense for people who are not fully citizens to vote.

  • Only US citizens vote

    Only US citizens should have the right to vote. They are the ones affected by the vote, paying taxes, and being affected by decisions. Foreigners do not have any right to be voting. If anything it can lead to problems of foreign countries trying to influence our political elections which is dangerous.

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