Should foreigners with HIV be allowed to come to the U.S.?

  • Yes, they should

    Stopping people with HIV from going into the US isn't going to stop the spread of the disease. The only way to put some kind of stopper on that is to make sex outside of wedlock illegal, and I don't see that happening in America any time soon.
    HIV is actually less contagious than you would think. What I would be worried about is diseases like Hepatitis B, which are so contagious that all you have to do is come into contact with the blood of someone who has it.

  • It only transmits with sharing bodily fluids, if you practice safe sex you're fine

    As it only transmits with sharing bodily fluids the only people who this would put at risk are people who choose to put themselves at risk through unprotected sex. As for organs and blood donations those are tested and screened for. Someone with HIV would not be allowed to donate, and we can only keep out people with HIV if we and hence they know they have it so they wouldn't try to donate.

    I agree with laws that require HIV status to be disclosed to sexual partners. Allow in immigrants with HIV and if they break this law deport them.

  • Because they're still human.

    Okay, just because someone has HIV, it does not mean they're going to go spread it around everywhere. Don't judge someone based on one part of their being. You don't know how they got HIV. Yes, there is a possibility that that person may be the type of person who intentionally spreads it around, and that would be scary, but that doesn't mean you should generalize all people in that way because of that fear. Not all people with HIV are going to be spreading the disease, and I personally don't believe in generalizing a group of people who have one thing in common by assuming their intentions or actions. Honestly, if you are afraid of getting HIV from foreigners that you give consent to have the sex with you, then protect yourself. If you're worried about a friend, tell your friend to have both of them checked and to protect themselves if in fact, one of them is carrying (of course it's the same if there are more people involved). I'm sorry, some people might say that I'm assuming too good of others and I shouldn't be willing to take the risk because it's dumb and might hurt me. Well, I think it's worth the risk because I don't want to be exclusive and I don't want to make others feel like they are rejected without giving them a chance to be who they are (and not just one aspect of them).

  • HIV is a horrible disease

    It is absolutely a horrible disease. Though that's not a reason and should never be a reason to bar someone from the United States. Should we assume that adding another HIV positive person increases the concentration of HIV on what's supposed to be homogeneous glass of water, the United States? That is discriminatory. While we're at it, how about kicking out HIV patients? Even more ideas, if a foreigner contracts HIV in the United States, it should be required to send a HIV free American to the country of origin of that foreigner. Scientists are definitely sure how HIV is spread or they wouldn't be giving all these guides and people wouldn't be providing pamphlets on prevention that basically all have the same thing no matter where you get them.

  • Yes, why not?

    People in the United States have cancer, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, lupus, cataracts, and so on and so forth. People have some damn nerve to judge and condemn people for having a disease. Plus they don't know how they contracted it and who cares? Unless you are planning to exchange blood or orgasmic fluids, your chances of 'getting' are slim. To be a Christian country, excuse me, PUKE...There are a lot of ungodly, hateful, inhumane, holier than thou folks walking around.

  • HIV is a horrible disease.

    People with HIV should not be able to come into the United States because well they are infected. Some scientists and the CDC are still unsure about the ways that this disease can be transmitted other than intercourse and blood transfusions. Until the HIV pandemic is figured out we should quarantine what we can to prevent people from potentially getting infected and having their lives ruined. This is to no offense to HIV infected individuals.

  • No hiv foreigners

    Because it will only bring more of the disease to the United States, an we have enough STDs as is and we don't need foreigners to be sleeping around with American citizens. It will only create trouble between the people an the government. That's why we shouldn't allow foreigners to come.

  • Leaning towards no

    The United States should only take in those who benefit the country and its citizens. Bar those who are not beneficial and/or may prove harmful.

    It's always argued that the United States already has people with HIV so it somehow makes it alright to take in more HIV-positive persons. Why? Why would having something harmful make it a good idea to take in even more that harm?

    I'm not saying that HIV-positive foreigners can't be beneficial, but they can certainly be harmful. Perhaps if the US took in only the highly educated HIV-positive and had a system in place to prevent any of the immigrants from spreading the disease. A check in? To make sure partners are informed? But all of that sounds like a lot of trouble and not much worth the effort.

    I think it would just be better to generally exclude them and only make exceptions for the exceptional (very highly skilled, famous, politically important).

    If this is discriminatory, so what? You are supposed to be discriminatory in your immigration policy; it helps a nation keep a desirable, healthy population.

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