Should forgetting your child in the car be considered a simple act of negligence?

  • It is negligence but

    Forgetting anything is negligence, however, everyone makes mistakes and everyone can forget very important things from time to time. Implementing more severe penalties for forgetting one's child in the car especially if there were severe consequences for forgetting the child, like for example the child dies, would only add insult to injury. My child already died, I am suffering, now you want to send me to jail?

  • Hold off on judging dad who left son in car

    Harris will appear in court Thursday to face a probable cause hearing in which the prosecution will try to convince a judge that it was indeed a crime. The defense will likely try to show that Harris' act was simple negligence. Either way, the focus will be on why Cooper was left in the car -- and although this seems counterintuitive -- for the purposes of the criminal proceedings, the tragic death will not be material for determining guilt.

  • You have a duty.

    No, forgetting your child in a car should not be considered a simple act of negligence, because people have to do a better job for their children than that. To these children, being left in a car is a matter of life and death. Forgetting to pay a bill is simple negligence. Something that will take another life is more than that.

  • Forgetting your Child should be Treated as Murder

    Parents have a responsibility to their children. If you leave your child in a car to die, or in a playground to be hit by a car, it should be tried as murder. There is no way that a caring and responsible parent would leave their child in any situation that they are at risk.

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