Should former colonial powers intervene in countries during times of war or famine?

  • It's in their national interest to intervene

    We are living in an increasingly global world. War in one region can disrupt other countries by shutting down trade. Famine in one country can crash the economy of an entire region and spread to affect the entire world. For countries such as the U.S. or members of the E.U., the most important thing in the world is peace and prosperity. If intervention is necessary to maintain that, then it must be done.

  • No, i do not think that some former colonial powers should intervene.

    I do not think that former colonial powers should intervene in countries during times of war and famine. I think that a lot of the Western countries should just stay out of a lot of issues and problems that some countries face. I think there is too much of an emphasis sometimes to intervene.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe former colonial powers should intervene in countries during times of war or famine. For many countries, it has been several years since they were granted independence and the colonial power shouldn't feel obligated to intervene. Some countries, and it shouldn't matter which, should attempt to help the citizens when hunger is a problem, or when they want to leave, due to war.

  • They are cut off.

    No, former colonial powers should not intervene in countries during times or war or famine, because the countries are no longer part of the colonies. The former colonies should not be able to demand the help of the crown while at the same time refusing to pay taxes or be a part of the crown.

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