Should former criminals get all their rights relinquished, gun rights too?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Segregationist nonsense IMO

    I don't think a former criminal should have their rights gone for the rest of their life. I think they should be punished for their crime and do their punishment, but people can change, and I don't think it's fair to hold it against them in the future, if they go straight from then on.

  • Guns for all

    Banning felons from owning fire arms is still a violation of their second amendment rights no matter how you may view it, it is basically condemning them to live as second class citizens for the rest of their lives...In so many states a conviction no matter what sentence has been opposed or served is basically a life sentence to the person convicted, once whatever punishment has been facilitated by the justice system has been carried out the sentence is basically mitigated to a life time of disenfranchisement.... Why do we "the greatest nation on the planet" have more laws and put more people behind bars than any nation on the planet??? Laws protect citizens from tyranny of our fellow man but who protects us from law makers...Guns for felons I say yes once a person has been punished for their crimes they should indeed have every right that any other citizen has...People seem to be worried that it will increase violent crime I think that's b.S. You can go to almost any corner of this country and buy an illegal firearm at a better price than you can get in most stores so regulating and documenting the purchase of a firearm by an ex.Con isn't going to have a negative effect on what's going on today... How many spree shooting have been carried out by felons???

  • By being a convicted criminal you have proven to be of poor/amoral judgement & can not be trusted with a firearm.

    I personally think no private citizen should have ANY firearm except hunting rifles, but certainly convicted criminals should not be allowed to keep any firearms they own, purchase new ones, be in possession of a firearm at any time, until 1) their probation has ended 2) they pass a psychological test by three independent and separate psychologists 3) they complete and pass anger management classes or a class related to their crime throughout their probation. Crimes related to murder, rape, or drugs, automatically forfeits gun rights for life.

  • No is the word

    No convicted criminal should be given their guns back.Many times that turned out to be a bad idea.I think that no one except the armed forces and police should be given gun right as this world has witnessed many people abusing their gun rights.No more guns should be the policy

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