• I Shit Myself

    I was on an 8 hour grind and forgot to go to the bathroom, It was me and another person are the last two people. I had a gruesome 12 kill game and he was my last victim, And then I hear it my stomach starts grumbling. Next thing you know it I had to shit badly, But you know im not losing. I ended sniping the shit outta him and you can say out of me too. I was so addicted to fortnite that I ruined a pair of pants so I think it dhould be illegal

  • Fortnite killed my cat.

    I have been playing Fortnite for a good while now, And while I think the game is one of God's greatest creations, I must admit, It killed my cat, Sniffles. Sniffles was a good cat. She liked bacon and long walks on the beach. But I will never see my endearing Sniffles, Thanks to Fortnite. I was so entrenched in the beauty and majesty and grand scope of Fortnite that I forgot to feed my cat, Sniffles, For a whole bloody week! A whole. Bloody. WEEK! Sniffles died because of Fortnite addiction. I may as well have been on heroin. Fortnite should be federally banned, Or at the very least (because I am a VERY reasonable person) heavily regulated. It is not bad because it is awful. It is bad because it is so good, So grand, So majestic. I'm gonna go play Fortnite now.

  • It shouldn't be illegal, But it's still bad anyways.

    To ban a game just because a bunch of people don't like it would be one of the most dickheaded actions to take. However, That doesn't defend the fact that Fortnote is a shallow EA-inspired cashgrab that only gives a shit about it's playerbase when they have money the company (Epic Games) behind the whole abomination wants.

  • No, Here's why

    Is the game hurting anyone? Why should the government be able to ban a form of entertainment, That's not causing distress for anyone? The game in itself I understand is violent, But the government should not be able to stop you from playing it. It has made a lot of people's life more fun, .

  • I don't play Fortnite but making it illegal is unfathomably idiotic.

    I have never played Fortnite, But have been exposed to it's cultural impact. I don't much care for it, But the idea that the government should be able to ban an individual from engaging in an activity that does not violate anybody else's rights is a violation of Natural Law and common sense.

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