• I f***ing love fortnite

    Fortnite SHOULD be in school because its so fun but the dumb parents say "nooo fortnite bad for brain I should be banned" like gtfo the main reason they would say that because they have not played fortnite! DUMB PARENTS PLAY FORTNITE TO DECIDE IF THE KIDS SHOULD PLAY BUT IF HAVE NO KIDS (KAREN) THEN GET SOME!

  • Becuse fortnite is better than reses. That why fortnite shoulde allowed in schools. Insted of reses we can play fortnite in coputer.

    Becuse fortnite is better than resese. Thats why fortnite should be allowd in schools. Insted of reses we can play fortnite in the couputer. Another reason that fortnite should be allowed in schools is when your in school in its reses you could play fortnite to prctice and be better than tfue or ninja

  • I think Fortnite is awesome!

    I like Fortnite because it is not violent and I think we should have Fortnite in school because it is sort of educational because there is a lot of teamwork and you can have a lot of strategy’s and it will get you all pumped about school and it will get you really regenerated.

  • Should be allowed in school

    Fortnite is one the most addicting games to ever hit the gaming world. It makes kids ignore everything around them and care only about the game. Kids skip school to play this game, So why don't teachers bring it into school? ! It could be a reward for being on the honor roll or finishing an assignment early. This would make kids more motivated to go to school and make them enjoy it more.

  • Yes because kids need a fun game to play in school

    Fortnite should be aloud in school because kids don't get to play games in school. So they should get to play their favorite games in school. Fortnite is a games that a lot of kids lke so they should be aloud to play Fortnite at recess. That is why i think fortnite should be aloud n school

  • Fortnite should be allowed in school

    It is not violent, There are no guts, As I quote from lazarbeam, It is just a gingerbread man shooting a astronaut. There are so many kids playing it and that don't want to go to school because of it, So why don't the schools just let the kids play it after they get there work done

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  • Its good and educational

    I love fortnight and it good for u because it a lot of teamwork and it is a very strategic game and there no blood which mean good which mean approprite we love fortnight we love fortnight we love fortnight fortnight fortnight fortnight is very very funs i like a lot

  • I like fortnight

    I like Fortnight because it is cool and i like it there is no guts or blood you can build to protect yourself you better watch out memes are so epic and lit just. Like fortnite i love it have fun epic from epic games is so epic and lit.

  • Fucking fortnite best

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  • For God's sake, This is SCHOOL we're discussing here!

    School is a place for every student to learn, Not for students to play a ridiculously overrated game. I will reiterate what every naysayer has said here - school is a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, Not an environment to stay glued to Fortnite. I'm okay with performing the dances, Otherwise our world needs to ditch Fortnite - and RIGHT NOW.

  • It is bad

    1 it is so bad 2 it is so bad 3 it is so bad 4 it is not lit 5 it is bad 6 don't play it some people do not like it like me so don't play it i hate it or dislike it so much i hate :(

  • UGH! Totally not!

    Fortnite is a horrible game and should not be a peep! I see people all over me do Fortnite emotes and they HATE me because I hate Fortnite! Fortnite needs to die! It's too overrated and doesn't deserve to hear about it. School is about learning, Not to get bullied because a video game!

  • Sure the fun is good, But do you actually need it?

    The whole premises of the game Fortnite is to be the last one standing out of 100 players thrown onto a battle field with a wide variety of guns. It is really not the "blood" that I am concerned about, It is the way you are using the guns to kill them. Sure, Fortnite might "make you more excited to go to school, " but is school really just about Fortnite? At my high school, Countless number of teens are constantly playing Fortnite on their mobile devices ever since the release of Fortnite mobile. School is for education, And that is what parents expect for what their children are heading there for. If going to school is only about being there for Fortnite, Parents might as well withdraw their children from school because if all they do is fortnite there, What's the point for going to school then. It is an illogical argument to say, "Fortnite is a fun game to play because you can roast people and be more excited for school, " because the argument only clearly states that it is fun and should be allowed, Not caring into the consequences such as an addiction to Fortnite, The way people might treat others, Or where the student's attention is going to.

    I do agree that video games are not a totally bad thing and that research has proved that video games can help teach reflexes and perhaps even make some children more social with functions like in-game voice chat. I do not agree though that children will be going into classes more excited. What is the prime reason that children will be more excited to go into classes if Fortnite is given at the last 15 minutes of class? Fortnite. If Fortnite was allowed, Would grades go higher? No. If you started a game such as Fortnite, Would you like that juicy #1 screen and complete the round? Yes! An actual round of Fortnite takes longer than 15 minutes, So what do you do when class is over and have to go over to the next class? Do you play the game during the time in between periods? Do you play through the class period? Or do you close out of the game hoping that at the end of next hour you can finally get that juicy win in just a mere 15 minutes? Fortnite is not bad, Graphics are good, Gameplay is good, But what about the amount of attention you put into each and every game. To be honest, I would get sick and tired from constantly having to exit out of each and every game if I made it to the last 10 standing. There is no good reason that video games should be allowed in school at all.

  • Distracting + Violent

    My answers is a NO for the Oh so obvious reason that Fortniters seem to blatantly ignore.


    Not only that it PROMOTES violence.

    Dont mind this sentence
    the word count on this page is annoying.
    Wish that it did not exist.

  • A waste of time

    School is for learning, not for entertainment, if you need to to entertain yourself you should make new friends, not be playing fortnight. It doesn't hurt to socialize and make new friends, friends can do more than wins in a game. How is anyone going to get anything done if they are allowed to play games all day.

  • School is for learning, not video gaming

    The whole purpose of school is for education, Fortnite is not something that people need to be doing when they're supposed to be learning. And besides, the mere fact that you used the wrong form of "allowed" in the title of your questions supports this fact quite nicely. Good day.

  • It brings a bad attention to yourself and others during school.

    Fortnite is a survival and violent game, it is NOT a kid game. You have to be at least 12+ to be mature to play (at least, parent's opinions). But you go to school for a reason. You go there for education, to learn. If you play fortnite at school, it controls your mind in a way that all you think is to survive and kill and shoot, and the little kids or someone around you can get distracted from education, including you.

  • Are you kidding

    Seriously, are you kidding, Fortnite is a game for your own time, not for school time. If Fortnite could actually cover some of the curriculum (which it doesn't) then maybe it could be allowed. Also I doubt you are old enough to play fortnite, fortnite is for people that are teens and over according to the esrb. Fortnite is also partially inappropriate because you are killing others. Also spell allowed right

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