• Its damaging mentally and physically.

    People dont seem to understand how damaging this game is to people. The last game that had this kind of effect was World of Warcraft, relationships were ruined, people quit their jobs, people are neglecting their own mental and physical health. Fortnite is doing exactly what World of Warcraft was doing except to a much younger part of the population. Kids are suffering in education and neglecting their families and frienships. Fortnite needs to be stopped or given a way to keep younger people from playing.

  • Why Fortnight Should Be Banned?

    Fortnight is very addictive. My brother plays fortnight and he is so aggressive when he is not playing it. He also talk about it non stop. He spends 3 to 4 hours on it straight. Yea that's how addictive it is but there is also a positive so it shows team work and strategies.

  • It's f***** annoying!!!

    I can't stand the fact that people play this dull game and I HATE IT!!! It should definitely be banned! I have bros who play it and every single day, they play it in the living room for a whole day and guess what, I don't get to watch my favourite TV show thanks to Fortnite! I'm pissed about it. Everytime my bros play that pointless game... THEY F***** SCREAM AT MY F***** EAR!!! Fortnite should really really be banned!!! Thank you very much.

  • Yes it should

    Once there was a nice smart child. But because fortnite was created he became dum and not smart. He was aggressive on other kids and bullied them. He even bullied his parents to. Crazy. So if I were you, you would change your minds and dellete that game. It even brainwashes kids.

  • There is more to life

    Kids spend hours of their life playing this crap. Everything suffers when you call time. There is so much more then sitting in the unreal world that these sad games put you in. School suffers , family time and all the things that should be day to day life. Stupid waste of time

  • People worship it like a god

    Fortnite is a first-person shooter game. That's pretty violent. But wait, It gets worse. People worship the game Fortnite like a god. They make Fortnite memes and play Fortnite for seven hours a day straight. Oh, Wait. I just used a hyperbole, Or gross exaggeration for comic effect. It's actually more like six hours a day. People play Fortnite in their schools. People smash their TVs when they lose at Fortnite. There are even some people who completely flip out every time something doesn't go their way in Fortnite. There was even one kid who was so busy playing Fortnite, He didn't even notice that there was a tornado coming his way. These are some reasons why Fortnite should be banned.

  • Omg kill it now please.

    It's boring, the skins are overpriced, the currency is overpriced, people at my school do Fortnite dances ALL. THE. TIME. Yeah ban it please. I hate everything about it. Fortnite lovers on the other side are just proving the point of the people here saying it brainwashes kids. DELETE.
    Bad Game

  • My terrible experience

    Because it is a game that can cause bullying. WAIT WAIT WAIT, here me out, so i know for a fact. I know a kid who personally doesn't like fortnite. He told that to the rest of the kids in his class. They seriously bully him for that and criticize and annoy him for that. Singing chants about fortnite right to his face. On behalf of the 18% that say i should be banned, i say yes.

  • Its Controlling People

    ANy classroom you walk into, you hear the name Fortnite. The game has controlled the children's mind and all they want is wins and dubs. This game has also stolen people from those who love them. Such as boyfriends, girlfriends, and children. Guardians who cut back time limits on Fortnite have a greater chance of taking care of their child. Boyfriends/ girlfriends who cut back their time on the game to spend time with their loved one have a greater chance of having a long relationship. Thank you.

  • It's the new craze

    Everyone is obsessing over it its the only thing people talk about anymore and it's getting super annoying and everyone is always coming up to ask me how many wins/dubs do you have? And i'm sick of it let me know what you think and if you think it should be banned?

  • It should not be banned

    It is super fun. I play all the time. I have thirty wins. I have 15 hours of log time in the last week. Everyone is jealous of me. I am a fortnite god. You should be sad. So should your mom. She only has 3 kills. I have 90

  • Fortnite = life

    Fortnite = life
    And Fortnite is the best game E V E R. You can't tell me I'm wrong because I am the best person in the world and I am always right. The people that say yes have no fun and they don't like to have F U N.

  • Don’t Hate On Epic Games!

    I myself play the game like crazy with my friends on my Xbox and I LOVE IT. So what if people hate the game because of violence? It the biggest craze and is A) always updating with new stuff and B) It’s freaking amazing. It’s not like people become aggressive over it, there are studies about it and even Game Theory/MatPat himself even did a poll about people who play games like Fortnite or PUBG! So on behalf of the gaming community, don’t ban Fortnite.

  • Fortnite helps kids become more social

    Fortnite helps kids become more social. I mean kids shouldn't stay in their room play fortnite all day. But why ban fortnite? It's just a video game nothing more and nothing less. And after reading your arguments I'm even more sure of this! Using your logic, All forms of entertainment should be banned for wasting peoples time it is a very good game to play on your free time even though kids fake sick to stay home to play it doesn’t mean it’s bad we should not take down the game because it makes people happy and makes kids feel better about themselves even when they win.

  • NO it dosnt need toooo

    Fortnite is a game for stratergies and brain working I barley play it ill play it one or twice a day it dosnt need to be banned its just a game if u wanna say its realistic go pick on pubg and call of duty and battle field and etc

  • Fortnite is fun

    Fortnite is a fun game but some parents have no control over the kids playing fortnite so they think that they can play for as long as they want. So some parents need to get stricken on it so there kid wont be on it forever but it shouldn't get banned because it can make their life go bad because there a youtubes that play fortnite as a job and its there only job and to sum it up they shouldn't ban fortnite.

  • Fortnite shouldent be banned!

    No It shouldn't be banned because it gives kids education by say not east and that kind of stuff but the online safety im against that to the kids but that's all from me And also I have no idea why I have t write a long paragraph But yeah

  • No way in hell

    Fortnite should not be banned. One of the reasons I believe is that the game should not be banned because people would find other games to replace fortnite and play the same hours. Like it a lot and it is a very good game to play on your free time even though kids fake sick to stay home to play it doesn’t mean it’s bad we should not take down the game because it makes people happy and makes kids feel better about them selves even when they win

  • There is no point.

    Fortnite should not be banned. One of the reasons I believe is that the game should not be banned because people would find other games to replace fortnite and play the same hours. Another reason is that Fortnite can sometimes help adults and children relieve stress. My final reason is that a lot of peoples jobs revolve around fortnite so they would make little to no money since fortnite is their main source of income such as epic games and streamers like Ninja, Myth, Daequan, and many others.

  • The old 'games are evil' trope again...

    This has been doing the rounds since video games became a thing. It was around before that 'rock n roll turned my boy into an antisocial deviant' 1950's.
    'ye verily did ringing church bells fill me with such delight as to distract from my worship of our Lord God' the middle ages.
    Down through the ages such delights that have entertained people (esp 'young people') have been decried and calls for their bans have echoed through the mega phones of moral outrage.
    Games do not create parenting problems. If it wasn't this shining a light on a parent/child issue it would be something else. The issue is not between child and screen but between child and parent.
    If I lost my temper at a computer game as a kid I was banned off it until I could be calm. Gaming was only allowed when homework and such jobs as I was asked to do about the house done. This was in the days of the BBC micro and Amstrad 464.
    Games don't create deviants, lack of discipline and boundaries imposed by a loving parent does.

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