• Ban Fortnite okay

    My friend is so addicted to Fortnite that he won’t even stop allying he forces me to play it even if I do not want to play it I feel that we should have to ban Fortnite for good ok and trump trump is ok ok ban Fortnite please ok

  • Of Course Not!

    First, Let me make this clear that I'm not a fanboy. In fact, I've never even played the game. But I will say that this idea is a dumb one. Seriously, Is Fortnite the only game people are addicted to? Shouldn't games like GTA, COD and Mortal Kombat be banned too? Fortnite has a cartoonish style and isn't very violent too (unlike the aforementioned games). No, Fortnite shouldn't be banned. That is because banning everything that people like isn't the way to establish control and morale in the minds of humans. It leads to nothing but frustration. Instead of banning these games, People shold be counselled and educated in regards to the issue. Because if not, Then they'll just get addicted to something else, And another topic would be found to make a fuss about! So I strongly believe that instead of banning the fruit of hardwork of developers, We should just help the people struggling with the addiction. This way, The issue would be resolved without any party losing

  • If you don't like it, Then ignore it.

    I'm forced to play fortnite as well, But I don't like it because my computer can't handle it. That's saying something. To the people who had Halo, Minecraft, And Call of Duty be their childhood, Then support those games, And just ignore the games you don't like. About the situation with the friend, Give him a talk about why you don't like the game, And try to work out a compromise.

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