• Fortnite is cringe.

    We members of the internets need to keep our place based and redpilled, And it is our duty to secure, Contain, Protect cringe and bluepilled content to prevent cancer from spreading. Fortnite has taken over many parts of popular culture and is infested by kids who do Fortnite dancing daily.

  • Selling skins to young kids that don't value money is immoral!

    Id argue that the microtransactions of selling skins to young kids that don't value money is immoral. I think they should suspend accounts that have underage kids, Or make it so that they are only able to earn Vbucks by strictly playing so that the issue is resolved. In conclusion buy kids escape from Tarkov so that they learn how to deal with money.

  • Stupid, Dumb and addictive

    Well, I will use this to say that murder mystery 3 ( Back) is so lamb. The stupidest song's play. You get about a million crates if you want. You can beat the game when you first log on. This is the last game that I recommend you play unless you want to beat a game in the first millisecond. Go fortnite. I like to think that I have officially killed murder mystery 3 and put it in jail. Now all we have left on roblox is awesome game's that I encourage everyone on planet earth to play. Go have fun playing game besides murder mystery 3.

  • Ridiculous and Idiotic

    It is very stupid to think a game should be banned simply because you dislike it. It is not my favorite game either, But just because the fanbase or culture around something is annoying, It does not mean it should be banned. I know this is probably a troll post, But this is nonsensical.

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