• This would be boss

    Fortnite is educational in no way that any other game has been before, The game utterly goes bonkers in a multitude of ways. When you play the game you learn how to glide, How to jump, How to run, And most importantly how to shoot a gun. Fortnite is better than Minecraft because its a teaching tool, You can train kids on the real economy through the VBucks economy.

    PLEASE, All scholars; listen to the children that you are teaching, They want fortnite and they want it now.

  • It is good

    Because you learn hot to run and jump and climb and build and to loot body's and to listen to twitch streamer's and to shoot innocent people. Fortnite should be in every school because it will teach you things more than humans will ever. Brexit brexit brexit is vey wrong.

  • Its cool to do

    Its it more to go to school when you can play fortnite
    Its it more to go to school when you can play fortnite
    Its it more to go to school when you can play fortnite
    Its it more to go to school when you can play fortnite
    Its it more to go to school when you can play fortnite

  • Fortnite is Bad

    The definition of bad: Fortnite
    Fortnite is a waste of time and it encourages children to be violent and is a waste of time. Heck, I'd pay for their servers to be shut down and replaced with Minecraft servers. At least Minecraft encourages creativity in children.

    The definition of excellent (A+): Minecraft

  • What the heck

    Second MINECRAFT is being used in schools because you can BUILD and the education edition adds elements and stuff.
    Third FORTNITE WOULD BE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME because why learn about at least semi-important stuff when you can learn. . . Uh. . .
    How to press keys! On a computer! . . .
    Yeah, No.

    Also pretty much everyone on the yes side (like most fortnite is better things) are 9 year olds raging at people who are actually smart.

  • It's not appropriate.

    First of all, Fortnite is a terrible thing to be practicing in school. Kids need to grow education. Not destroy it. Practicing Fortnite, Also isn't good, Because including the loss of education, People who don't play the mind killing game would find themselves doing nothing. Playing Fortnite in school is a terrible idea, But not even doing anything with the slightest effort or education, Is just not an imaginable thing to happen in school. I stay by my decision, Fortnite should NOT be practiced. OR played, At all, In school.

  • Fortnite teach very few useful things

    Although it teaches building and creativity with the building mechanics and creative mode, Minecraft (everyone loves to compare the two so I'm gonna do it too) teach it better. In minecraft, You build block by block and it's more creative than fortnite. Also, Minecraft teaches more things : electricity with redstone, Farm, Resource management, Etc. . . If a game was chosen to get taught in schools, It should be minecraft and not fortnite.

  • No. Just No. (uwu)

    What would fortnite teach children? Teach them to shootup schools because you 'killed me in fortnite'? Rather this is considered a joke or not, I want to rip out of all my organs and hurl them onto the floor looking at this post. We already have 8 year olds doing the floss for attention so no more. . . . Please.

  • That is stupid.

    Many people claim that video games make you dumber and just asking this question helps prove their point. Just about anything can be addictive. If you see something get in the way of things you need to focus on like work or school, You need to step away from this addiction.

  • How DARE YOU

    This disgusts me as a fellow teenager I believe that fortnite should be banned, I believe tyler blevins should go to prison for treason and making kids do the stupid dances and they are sooooo annoying if they brought this to school the whole world would unite and kill epic gamess

  • No. It's not okay to play fortnite at school.

    Fortnite has no educational purposes and it does have no educational value. Fortnite can also be boring and it gives no purpose in life to support children when they grow up in life. Fortnite is also too violent for an already violent world. Fortnite should not be practised in schools.

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