• Fortnite has the same body in a different outfit

    The outfits are nice but if you have the same skin on a different outfit that just looks weird,cause were so used to the default outfit with that skin and because we have such a small amount of different skins with different people in them so that's what I think

  • Are you kidding me?

    I already get emote spammed by pay-to-play players that cant even shoot straight. It is a waste of the economy for all of these 12 year olds to be buying skins on their moms credit cards. If anything they should make a game for skin-tards specifically so I dont have to look at them.

  • No, no, no

    I don't play it because I don't like these types of games. I would play it if it did not have loads of skins and the characters also put me off. So that is why I picked the word no and I will always say no to anything with Fortnite.

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