• Was awful game

    I have peas has was ever sam suck more words needed thease randome words are just soo i can vote so cool to hate fortnite plus fortnite sucks it is the worst game ever invented in history and not a single person in the world should like fortnite so yeah

  • No just because its a battle royale

    Just because its a new battle royale doesn't mean its coping fortnite. I know fortnite is great and all but like really bro. So remember when you thought pubg was like why u copy us but really they just came out at like the same time and there both battle royales that doesn't mean ur copying

  • Can an entity truly own a genre?

    Uhm, No.

    A person or entity cannot own a genre and the battle royal platform has been around for quite awhile. No intellectual property has been stolen, And if someone were to make the claim, Then there are a LOT of developers who will be suing Epic Games for intellectual property rights.

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