• My friend is in foster care

    My friend is in foster care, And he is really cool. His foster parents are really awesome, And they are very good at what they do. They have 8 kids and take very good care of all of them and keep them in good health and great hygiene. That is my opinion!

  • Rape told or not?

    Even though not all sexual encounters are confirmed there are plenty of cases that could put people in jail for 15 to 20 years for raping a child that could be as young as 6. Ask the children what they think. Also it would be wrong to see a 12 year old pregnant child carrying a child that is wrong that can be helped.

  • These children are being abused

    Children have been reported for abusiveness in Private foster cares. There have been stories told by people who lived in Private foster cares about how they would be sent in and out of abusive homes. There was a story of a man who hanged out with a black friend and his dad that adopted him was very racist. One day his dad saw him hanging out with his black friend and so his dad hand cuffed him to a dog house for three days outside in the midst of a cold December with no clothes on and told him if he caught him hanging out with that (N) word again that he would kill him. That was a true story told by a man that was sent in and out of abusive foster homes and you can tell by that example that foster cares aren't as great as you think they may give a home to some children, but lots of those homes that those kids go to are abusive homes and lots of people who adopt children just use them for money. So why would you believe that "oh it gives those kids somewhere to stay if they have no where else to go", but actually these kids are being sent in and out of abusive homes. So foster cares aren't as good as you think foster cares have some bad sides to it. There can also be bad social workers in foster cares there have also been reports of social workers in a Private Foster care that have taken advantage of the money given from the government. Foster cares are not all that cut out to be there actually pretty bad and I think that Foster Cares should be banned.

  • And then what?

    For many children's who end up without a family member to take care of them the foster-homes may in many cases one of the few choices left for a place the child may have a opportunity to grow up and i feel that while some places turn out to be worse place then believed to be and some shouldn't have one in the first place i find the problem to be more on the governments lack of making sure everything is ok with the places they send the kids to, as long as they have a strict set of rules before allowing people to take in anyone and they do their job and perform regular checks and all that i believe a foster-home is better then many places and in worst case ending up in the street....

  • Where will they live?

    If a child loses their parents, the last thing they want to happen to them is to be stuck on the streets. Also, in foster homes, kids can interact with other children their age that are going through the situation. They can lean on each other, and some kids find their best friends when they are both going through the same thing. Foster homes are amazing. Why would you ever want to take them away?

  • What will the kids do?

    What do they expect to do with a little 3 year old boy that just lost his parents, huh? Throw him on the street? These homes are ways for kids to have a roof under there head and food on the table after going through catastrophes. It's also a doorway to families. If a kid goes into a foster home, there is a very good chance that they will get adopted, and have another place to live. Not having these homes will make curtain kids not have a place to stay. Where else would they go? Think about that, and then tell me you want to ban foster homes.

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