Should Fox News be banned? Or at the very least censored?

Asked by: Marshall-Abarca
  • I think it should cease to exist as a "News" station...

    A station that caters to a certain perception, bias, or skew on a consistent basis is not a news channel. I don't have a problem with the bull they spew on a daily basis. I do on the other hand resent the fact that they present inaccurate, slanted, politically bias OPINIONS as news based on objective analysis. Keep the channel.... Just call it what it is. Right Wing entertainment television.

  • FOX SHOULD BE Censored not banned

    Fox News being different because they are Conservative is not a crime however Fox, putting out slander and Libel should be moderated and censored because its unfair when people are mislead and then FOX has a proven track record of lying or withholding information or facts when their discussing a certain issue, or event going on at the time. Its perverting the minds of its viewers. Not saying Msnbc is innocent but Fox should try to gain credibility by teling all the facts rather than a few and leaving out some to prove their points just because the average joe is to lazy to go out and inform themself past what they see on tv

  • Not a news organization

    The are biased and conservative but some people want to watch that. I personally can't watch more than 5 minutes before the bias becomes unbearable. People should be able to listen to want they wish. I just think they should be aware of the agenda of the media source. It used to be called propaganda and certainly not fair and balanced.

  • It should definitely be censored.

    Look, Fox "News" is not news. It is basically the opinions page of the newspaper. They all put in opinions, not facts. Something even worse is that they even LIE to the public. I think they should change their ways, put in facts, not opinions, and if they don't, censor them.

  • They have 1st amendment rights just as all the other networks do.

    Every other network is clearly a liberal network, ESPECIALLY msnbc. So should they be banned too just because a group of people dislike what they are saying? Of course they shouldn't. So if you do not agree with what Fox News is saying just flip the channel, it'll take less than a second. I don't support any station but Fox News is definitely more accurate than MSNBC.

  • No...MSNBC throws around so much more BS

    Of course not. They are protected under the Constitution of Freedom of the Press. Maybe this is scary to you, but 50% of people who watch Fox find it believable and credible, while only 35% can say the same for MSNBC who plays the race card 24/7. No news media should be censored. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

  • Media bias is everywhere

    If you think there is a major news outlet that doesn't have biased reporters you really need to get your head out of...The sand. Seriously, do you think Madcow and Chris "There-is-a-tingle-running-up-my-leg" Matthews are impartial? Do you think MSNBC does not have an obvious leftist agenda that they are pushing? If so, I have some ocean-front property in Arizona for sale, cheap. PM me.

  • Freedom of the press

    As a journalist, I value freedom of the press very highly. And by censoring Fox you would be the textbook definition of denying free press to Americans. Just because it is a little more conservative doesn't mean it should be censored. Look I know the press and I know how braised the media can be, I'll admit it I may even be considered conservative biased in my articles, but look MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CNN are all else at being biased. My point is in the media today all stations are biased but just because you don't agree doesn't mean it should be censored.

  • I have a high disdain for Fox news.

    It isn't news, in fact it is the least credible mainstream news source out there. They spread misinformation, racism, and religious bigotry.

    Despite my disdain for this news network, they are technically protected by the first amendment, and news is free speech. You can't censor the media, or ban it, no matter how Faux they are.

  • I'd love them to be. But no.

    Naw. Not a fan, I don't like their politics, I hate they way they throw information around, they are cheap, sometimes very slanted and generally not enjoyable to watch, but we can't ban things we don't like. That would lead us done the road to soviet russia. Not going to happen. Silly question.

  • We don't live in Russia

    Duh. The only channel in existence that offers an opposing view / position and their opposition wants them banned or censored. Only a true communist would be ok with this. The fact that this is even being discussed shows how naïve and careless the left really is. If they succeed in silencing the opposition, they'll quickly turn on themselves. They simply need someone or something to hate.

  • Keep Fox News

    Fox news is the only news cast that tries to get to the bottom of everything this government is trying to hide. Just because CNN And MSNBC are afraid enough of the President to not report on anything political, which is pretty sad since this is America. Fox news has to make up for them not doing their jobs.

  • Relabeled but not banned

    I think fox has proven that it is in fact the farthest thing from "news", as many have pointed out people who watch no news are less misinformed then people who watch fox. I think it's terrible that they are allowed to be called "news" since that is clearly not what they are reporting and I think after having such a poor track record that they should face some sort of consequence. "Fox opinion" has a nice ring to it. However banning it all together is going the wrong direction. "I may disagree with what you say, would will defend to the death your right to say it" is the spirit and inspection behind the first amendment.

  • Fox News is a disservice to the nation and has a constitutiionally guaranteed right to distort the truth, omit facts,and express preposterous, laughable opinions.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Nor should any branch of government or agent of corporate power be allowed to interfere with any citizen's right to peacably express an opinion.

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Marshall-Abarca says2013-08-03T15:50:58.057
I'm happy and sad by these responses, I've read some of them and it's kind of scary what some people are saying. Even though they say "no" it seems like they'd belong on the "yes" side.