• Them and all other news organizations.

    Granted, FOX is the news organization that seems to be the most off the deep end, but I would really like to see some kind of regulation where they can't spread lies. Misrepresenting things and only telling one side of the story is lying, and I don't think that any organization that is calling itself news should be able to do that.

  • News should be about whats going on around you and around the world!

    News is not opinion or persuasion. Only the facts and actual events should be allowed on news stations. Reporting the news should be as strict as citing the information on papers you write in college. Opinions and persuasions should be reserved for talk progams/stations. Yes, Fox News and all News Programs should be strictly enforced to only reporting actual, factual events.

    Posted by: JRM
  • If so, then every other news source needs to be

    Fox News is no better or worse than any other news source. Why is it okay for one news source to do the very thing they claim Fox News does???? This is not only about competition but it's also about people not liking what the other side opines. What happened to respect for other's opinions? There will always be a a left side and right side and there will always be news sources to cater to them.

  • have you watched MSNBC???

    MSNBC spreads way more lies than FOX but in this country you have a freedom of speech so FOX NEWS has the right to report the news and give their opinion. Although i disagree with 99 percent of MSNBC they should not be regulated either because of freedom of speech

  • Even though I have a low opinion of them, no.

    No, Fox News should not be more strictly regulated. There is freedom of speech and even though I feel that most of what they say is hateful, vile and prejudiced, they have a right to say it and people who share those same qualities a right to listen to it if they want. I would love to see more responsibility with facts and just plain old basic good manners, though. That would really impress me.

  • Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech.

    I am not a proponent of any limitations or regulations when it comes to the freedom of media or the freedom of speech. Fox News Channel should not be regulated by any governing body, especially any nation's government.

    They do provide a bias to their news, but this channel is watched by millions of viewers, who are just as able as anyone else to make their own decisions. If it has a customer base and advertisers, it should stay on.

  • Fox News Should Not Be More Strictly Regulated

    No, Fox News does not need more regulation, nor does any other media outlet. They're entitled to represent the news how they see fit and we, as consumers, are entitled to choose what outlet we prefer to watch. Further regulation of news media simply silences those that government doesn't agree with. Ultimately, that results in fascism and goes against everything that America stands for.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-23T14:21:21.557
I don't know. My Libertarian views want me to defend to Constitution to the death, but my utter hatred for the mass media makes me want to agree that there should be exceptions to that first amendment.