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Yes, Hurts our Democracy.

  Much like freedom of speech doesn't mean you can yell fire in a crowded theater, fox should be banned because it is interfering with our democracy. Yes, you may have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Fox lies, and study after study shows this. Yes, MSNBC is left leaning, but they do not fabricate or distort. The hosts are highly educated, serious people. Fox was not given a license in Canada because they have a law that does not allow broadcasters to lie. Hmmm. Look, banning Fox aside, just look at the hosts. If you think Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, and the clowns on Fox and Friends and the five are people to take seriously, then you may have deeper issues with character judgement. Bottom line, Fox does lie and distort, and a strong case can be made that the FCC should rescind their license. This is not a free speech issue, it is an issue of irresponsibility on our airwaves. By the way, now that the GOP is trying to subvert our democracy by suppressing voting, they have crossed a line into the area of being decidedly un-American, and if you are a republican you need to seriously re-assess your party affiliation.
MemeLove says2013-04-18T13:02:56.020
Why are you playing both sides?
BlackCrow says2018-02-07T23:10:03.687
Because, MemeLove, that's how you make a valid argument. #TheMoreYouKnow ;)
Wavecrest says2018-07-01T19:38:40.127
Wavecrest says2018-07-01T20:05:12.527
So Fox News endangered America's democracy by exposing the fact that they were and are corrupt at the top of the FBI...

I was going get into how the Liberal media is protecting people who clearly broke the law of the US. People like Jim Comey, Hilary Clinton and so on.

The fact that the FBI is not supposed to spy on American citizens and the deception of FISA court and so on.

But I'll simply challenge you that you name one issue that Fox News lied about.

Take a look at this at this youtube clip of CNN staging a Muslim protest right after the London Bridge attacks. Then the broadcasted it as something that was taking place, as the truth.


So I can prove to you that CNN lies. Prove to me that Fox News lies. I double dear you!

But something tells me you won't indulge me because the reason you hate Fox News is because you hate the truth. And I'm pretty sure you'll run from anyone who puts the truth to you.

Liberals like yourself don't want truth, you want what agrees with the Liberal group-think.
Wavecrest says2018-07-01T20:05:36.123
Wavecrest says2018-07-01T20:49:53.200
Are you aware that Sheppard Smith of Fox News is anti-Trump and pushes Liberal views on the same Fox News?
Wavecrest says2018-07-02T03:17:45.937
I just checked the ratings of TV news stations.

FOX News is out front by far. Seems most inteligent people in the can tell which news is being journalist and telling the truth.

This just proves again that your objection to Fox News is based on your dislike of the truth.

I feel so sad for you. Stop allowing the mainstream media to brainwash you and fill your mind with hate for the truth and everyone who tell the truth.
MitchV says2018-07-13T21:10:16.690
Please give specific example of how Fox has fabricated/lied. I could give you many examples of how the other mainstream media have pushed their false narratives. Look at the claim that Trump accepts Putin's denial about Russian meddling. This is what he (Trump) said.
"I believe that he feels that he and Russia did not meddle in the election. As to whether I believe it or not, I am with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with the leadership,"
"I believe that our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies, I work with them very strongly ... As currently led, by fine people, I believe very much in our intelligence agencies,"
Clearly, this statement accepts what the FBI says on the matter. That he believed they did interfere. Thing is, your not about to get Putin to admit to any of it so pushing the issue would accomplish nothing. I could list other cases but don't want this to be a wall of text.

Funny, I thought blocking opposing views was something the governments like N. Korea did. Famous/infamous leaders have done such things since media sources existed. Is this what we would expect should democrats be put back in power in the U.S.? Look, just because it says something you dislike, does not make if a lie and just because you like what they say does not make it fact.

What I love is how, when Trump was running for president, the media claimed that if he was elected, our economy would crash overnight and when he spoke tough to N.K. That he was going to start a nuclear war. Since then, they still have been predicting some kind of future crash and saying how horrible it was that he spoke with N.K. Sounds like Canada should have banned those networks too but no.

Look at the false narrative that Trump is colluding with Putin/Russia. A narrative that they have been pushing since the beginning of his presidency. That Putin/Russia is/was trying to undermine our country and democratic society. Tho Russia has tried to do that with various e-mails and fake protests, it pails in comparison to the damage that our own media has done. Due to there all negative all the time stance, many nations see this and not only look down at our president but also our country. The liberal media has made huge success in achieving the Russia goal and is making Putin very happy.
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