• Yes, Hurts our Democracy.

    Much like freedom of speech doesn't mean you can yell fire in a crowded theater, fox should be banned because it is interfering with our democracy. Yes, you may have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Fox lies, and study after study shows this. Yes, MSNBC is left leaning, but they do not fabricate or distort. The hosts are highly educated, serious people.

    Fox was not given a license in Canada because they have a law that does not allow broadcasters to lie. Hmmm. Look, banning Fox aside, just look at the hosts. If you think Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, and the clowns on Fox and Friends and the five are people to take seriously, then you may have deeper issues with character judgement.

    Bottom line, Fox does lie and distort, and a strong case can be made that the FCC should rescind their license. This is not a free speech issue, it is an issue of irresponsibility on our airwaves.

    By the way, now that the GOP is trying to subvert our democracy by suppressing voting, they have crossed a line into the area of being decidedly un-American, and if you are a republican you need to seriously re-assess your party affiliation.

  • Fox News should be shut down.

    While I am all for the freedom of the press and all of that good stuff in the first amendment, I think that we would all be doing the world a huge favor if we were to shut down Fox News and otherwise get rid of the filth that they broadcast.

  • Fox news is killing this country

    Their awful lying is hard to watch. Even one or two of their commentators called out Trump. Otherwise they spread too much propaganda. The only station Trumps cult listens to. When we end up with a one party, long term leader maybe they will wake up. We're no better than third world countries now. SAD!

  • They are State TV and represent ideas of North Korea and Russia

    They are colluding with the White House and providing policy that Trump adopts........Sean Hannity has been proven to be feeding Trump opinions of the Station and the mouthpiece so called reporters distort and downright lie or worse yet, omit ...They attack the laws and condone collusion with Russia , etc. Disgusting and un-American

  • Fox News' behavior discredits all news

    The misleading nature of virtually everything that is spoken aloud or implied on this and their affiliate networks damages all news. Fox tries to push their lies and filth as truth and in turn points to the truth spoken on other networks as lies. Fox and all it's affiliates and holdings are evil.

  • Fox news is not news. What is it? A takeover of a political party.

    This product is not about informing people. The purpose is to play off people anger and fear to make money for The Murdoch family. Secondly it is to push views of extreme wealth who want more out of the average worker than they can get today. Its frogs in a pan wondering what the boiling smell is.

  • Shut it down!

    It just speads pro-Trump alt-right propaganda and distorts the news in a way that makes Trump look good. They make a mockery of the right to freedom of speach. They laugh at the fact they kids are getting slaughtered in schools and migrant kids are getting separated for their parents and locked in cages. All they care about is republicans "winning" and they don't care who that "winning" hurts. They want to take away womens rights, Lgbtq rights and the rights of immigrants coming into American. They portray Mexicans and Central Americans as criminals and rapists, which they are not. All they do is spread the fake news Trump wants them to.

  • Yes yes yes

    No critical thinking and will go to great lengths to prove only their side. Could be dangerous if they fool people that a mass shooting isn't happening when it really is.
    They lie too much and have gone with too many crazy theories. Plus, why try so hard to help an evil person? Think about it. To he'll with the opposite news channels as well.
    Only truth and logical law.

  • The entire fox company should be shut down

    Argument? The slander, the bias, the lies, the racism! Take your pick. Not to mention cancelling great shows in favor of horribly boring ones. Besides, at this point I haven't watched anything from Fox in years anyway. Just shut them down already before they cancel another potentially good show in it's 1st season that otherwise could've been created by any of the better companies. Or at least publically release any held rights so someone else could pick it up.

  • Yes, it's a danger to democracy and to the truth.

    The FCC is an independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress. One of its functions is to ensure that television journalists are held to a higher standard when reporting the news. Basically, it attempts to protect people or television viewers from being given information that is deemed false or extremely misleading and harmful, based on current factual evidence. Anyone can report complaints to the FCC and the FCC will review them, punishing those who break the rules, as necessity dictates. Now, only those entities that are registered with the FCC will be reviewed by the FCC, and held to their standard.

    Fox News is not registered with the FCC, and is not held to this standard. CNN and MSNBC are registered with the FCC and are held to this standard.

    Now, the FCC does regulate local Fox-owned TV stations, but not Fox News.

    Since Fox News is not subject to FCC regulation they are able to present things that may not be completely factual and get away with doing that. Whereas stations such as CNN and MSNBC are regulated by the FCC and cannot get away with doing that. Sure, CNN or MSNBC may lean certain directions, depending on the host, but they are regulated, and Fox News is not.

    In 2007, TV Guide, a magazine that was owned at the time by Rupert Murdoch (now the CEO of Fox News), labeled Fox News an entertainment channel. And in 2015 Roger Ailes (a former fox CEO) said that he did not view the news networks like CNN and MSNBC as rivals, but instead considered the competition of FOX to be TNT, USA, and ESPN. In other words, he seemed to consider entertainment channels to be his competition rather than news networks.

    All of the above information, besides viewing the program itself, is what has led many people to consider Fox News to be a fake or fictional news source.

    That's not to say that Fox news never has any honest news, but it is to say that they can get away with presenting much more dishonest news than CNN or MSNBC.

    The main issue that I have with Fox News is that many of their viewers don't know about the above information, and really believe everything they see on Fox News. This can cause confusion, and can lead to false or extremely misleading information being seen as factual or truthful. If Fox were willing to put a clear disclaimer, so that their viewers were aware of the truth, then I would say that they shouldn't be shut down. However, because of the confusion caused due to the absence of a clear disclaimer, I do feel like they should be shut down.

  • Fox News should not be shut down

    I'm probably one of the most liberal people in the United States, and I don't think that Fox News should be shut down. It has many viewers that tune in to it every day, and even if I may disagree with their viewpoints, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, they should be allowed to use the channel to voice theirs.

  • Just stop watching.

    Because we as a nation believe in the freedom of choice and the freedom to say what we want, there is no reason why Fox News should be shut down. If you don't like the content that they are putting out, then stop watching them. If enough people do, they'll go away.

  • Fox News Should Not Be Shutdown

    No, I do not believe Fox News should be shut down. We have a thing in this country called freedom of the press. That enables these companies to report the news how they see fit. We as citizens are also able to decide for ourselves what news mediums we want to watch, and overwhelmingly Americans choose Fox News, as evidenced by its ratings.

  • Fox News can't be shut down.

    Who's going to shut them down? Government? Great precedent you've set up. What about once you have a political party you disagree with in power? Could they not then shut down the other media networks? You don't silence opinions you disagree with in order to satisfy your personal beliefs. Once you do this, we become just another civilization in history where the ruler dictates what the public hears.

  • I hate FOX, but it should not be shut down

    You don't shut down an organization just because you don't like what they say. I believe FOX News is an industry of misinformation and manufactured outrage that is meant to be the mouthpiece for the Republican party and the conservative movement in general. Whether or not I like it, they have the absolute right to do so. They have the right to exist and say whatever they wish. It is up to the American people to do their research and call out FOX when they are peddling false information. I agree that some responsibility rests on FOX to try to make sure that everything they are saying is true, but we have realized by now that they will not do that. I agree that they should change the slogan "Fair & Balanced" because it is the furthest from the truth. But in the end, the American people can decide not to watch and to instead watch something more informative and honest.

  • No. But it ought to be legally held to a higher standard.

    Having a government with the power to shut down news stations it doesn't like is never a particularly good thing. Frankly, that's the sort of governmental power that can be extremely pernicious in the hands of the wrong government.

    Does Fox News offer anything positive? No, Fox News is merely the propaganda arm of a political party that, for all its caterwauling about religious values, constitutionalism and "freedom"[for corporations to do whatever they feel like], is little more than a front for the interests of America's entrenched plutocracy.

    Its predilection for fabrication and distortion in favor of an honest, rational engagement with our factual reality is while utterly reprehensible also very well documented. At the time of writing, Fox News is given treated with little credibility outside the increasingly stratified and derided minority that engage with it uncritically and treat it as gospel.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Yes, Fox News is complete bull run by hard-right morons. But, no, it should not be taken off the air. Simply not watching them will suffice and be enough incentive for them to shut down. But, either way, without Fox News, we wouldn't have a source of cheap comedy in the form of YouTube video snippets.

  • What tyrannical Morons you are

    You on the left are only proving how tyrannical you are. AND WHINY. The left DOMINATES TV news. The right gets ONE station, and you all LOSE YOUR MINDS. You sound like weaklings. For years we've had to endure the leftist tilts of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Andrea Mitchell on major networks. Don't tell me they've been above reproach and honest in their dealings. I've seen it. You who want to silence the opposition are petty and unAmerican.

  • Look at the numbers

    If Fox is so bad, why do they CRUSH the MSM in ratings? Must be a couple of conservatives out there, or a lot of folks just bored with MSM news. If no one watches it, it will go away. TV is all about ratings, if you don't get them you fail. Also, be careful of what you give away so freely, the tables could turn someday. Just don't watch if you don't like it.

  • Apparently the only Free Press You People Believe In is the one that Supports your views...

    You're joking with this... Correct? Why do you all get to be the arbitors of who can report news in this country?? Who makes the decision?? Why should they listen to you?? There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country who are sick of the liberal media... Sick of the slant and sick of the lies. I support Fox.

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mirthaduque24 says2018-05-01T14:07:16.623
Although we majority of watchers do know MSNBC is the more liberal while Fox is more conservative MSNBC does and has more real journalist while Fox has more opinion and political staffers. This makes a big difference as to how the news is reported if you go down the list and compare those working in Fox and those working in MSNBC you can see the difference. While Fox has every right to program whatever they want within FCC Regulations they don't have the right to mislead people and therefore should not be called a News Station and they should inform their viewers ahead of time as to their programming. As someone who's parents fled Communism Cuba and had family members jailed under Castro regime when the misleading news is reported with the intention of creating division and some cases even creating so much automaticity that it is even creating violence. Dictators and Fascism begin with the distortion of reality and if enough believe it, it can be the beginning of a Civil War. When Our Founding Fathers Chose to put Freedom of Speech and the Press as our First Constitutional Right it was for a very obvious reason. If people would read and understand history they will see how Certain Extreme Controlling Governments come into power and Fox News understands this very well.
penfeather says2021-01-27T15:34:36.343
FOX is not the only US News outlet spreading lies. New Max and a host of others do the same. It is a time of great worry for me when money is all it is about. There are persons who has glazed over eyes hanging upon every lie Tucker Carlson et-al came up with. These folks have the right to own fire arms and storm and stalk our civic and government centers. I think the so called glory days of the U. S. Is over.

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