• Should Fox news be shut down

    Fox is not "news" in the true context of the word. Fox is an entertainment channel that is not bound to present the truth. They hide behind the word "News" in order to spread their disinformation, Deceit and lies. They air strictly their own opinion and NOT news that can be taken at face value. They pass their presentations off as the truth, And since there is no one to question what they are saying, The listener incorrectly takes their word as fact.
    A better name for their channel would be "Faux News".

  • Lies are not news. Lies are lies.

    Fox 'News' consistently reports with the air of a genuine news organization misleading and untruthful 'information' that is designed to lead viewers to false conclusions. Describing propaganda as 'entertainment' should not allow these people to bypass the standards of truth. If their 'news' is supposed to be entertainment, Let the disclaimer be upfront, At the beginning, And highly viewable. And the word 'news' should not be allowed to be used in the same breath with the misinformation these people purvey. Advertisers are held to at least a small standard of truth. Purported 'news' organizations need the same oversight. A lie is a lie is a lie.

  • STOP fake reporting.

    Freedom of the press needs to stop the blatant lies it spews constantly. All fake Fox news reporters need to be fired, And or the FCC should remove the channel entirely. It is causing upheaval and blatant anarchy in our United States. Murdoch also needs to be removed permanently from any media post

  • As currently presented…

    …much of Fox News is not news. Its deceptive and untrue opinions are meant to rile up and outrage conservative viewers and boost the network’s ratings. As it is, Fox should be shut down until it cleans up its act.

    Any and every (right and left) tv/cable/radio broadcast should meet basic standards of actual facts (not opinions claimed as facts). News and opinion/commentary MUST be premised on real facts. Honest debate is critical for a healthy society, But it must be grounded in a common set of facts from which arguments are made. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, But not their own facts.

    Perhaps a way to govern these types of media (again, Right or left leaning) is to have independent fact checks, Paid for by the broadcast company, Evaluate the content of a show and if found to contain false statements, The original broadcaster (the “host” of the show) would be required, Several times during a subsequent show, To read a prepared statement describing the error and correcting it on-air. If a radio or tv/cable network repeatedly presents deceptive untrue content, They would be fined and receive a substantial suspension of operation.

    Free speech is not absolute. Along with the right to free speech comes responsibility. Currently, Companies and individuals are abusing their right to free speech solely in the interest of monetary profits and gaining power. If someones opinions are NOT based on untruths, They will still be able to consistently reach their fellow citizens.

  • Misinformation, Deceit, And overall damage

    Free speech is fantastic. But we only have access to it so long as it isn't harming anyone. That's why you can't yell "fire! " in a building full of people. What Fox News espouses has been directly harmful to America, As covid would very likely not be much of an issue by now if it weren't for the "news" station. This doesn't even mention how much someone's brain rots from watching Tucker spew his white supremacist nonsense.

  • Lies kill people.

    Fox is conservative, CNN is liberal, True. But one can be conservative without lying. CNN goes too far in trying to push a liberal agenda, But Fox tares the truth to pieces. It is amazing watching them twist their own words and double back on positions as they contradict themselves because of their lies, And yet people call them fair and balanced. What a joke! Now the health of the entire world and the world economy stand on the precipice and these mongrels continue to pontificate while prostrating themselves before their corporate masters. I hope they choke on their beluga sturgeon.

  • Fox hurts Americans

    Fox spreads hatred, Lies, And dissent. It has nothing to do with unity, Truth, Or progress and everything to do with spreading conspiracy theories that turn Americans against each other. Questioning things can be progress, When done in good faith. I see CNN using facts and logic to make a point. I see Fox news anchors throwing around insults and divisive language and opinion; yet many Americans buy into it, And that makes my brothers and sisters in America across political divides to look down on each other. Seems great for Russia though, Who want EXACTLY THIS.

  • Fox Warped Minds Entertainment, Not News!

    It's amazing how many people with no moral responsibility what so ever
    can bash, Lie, Exaggerate, And warp so many peoples minds and just walk away scott free. There has to be a line somewhere that you just can't cross when it comes to freedom of speech, I believe fox News has crossed it many, Many times over and over again! They're Scum Bags!

  • Harmful, Dangerous, Untruthful

    Starting with channel 1 every other news channel reports the same news in the same way day in and day out except fox news channel 26. Didn't take an einstein brain to figure out, But there are people who watch, Listen, Believe them. People have died over all their false information and will continue to. I want them off all my altice optimum lineup devices

  • No facts is not news

    When you are making up most of your stories you are not reporting news are you. You in fact are selling a narrative it is fiction maybe don't ban them but force them to label themselves as fiction like cigarettes label has a cancer warning. Maybe a verbal and visual disclaimer that what you are about to watch is wholly opinion based. Also some people are saying they lean right, No they don't they take advantage of those who lean right maybe because they know how firm you are in your beliefs its an admirable characteristic and also a very malleable one.

  • Fox News Should Not Be Shutdown

    No, I do not believe Fox News should be shut down. We have a thing in this country called freedom of the press. That enables these companies to report the news how they see fit. We as citizens are also able to decide for ourselves what news mediums we want to watch, and overwhelmingly Americans choose Fox News, as evidenced by its ratings.

  • Just stop watching.

    Because we as a nation believe in the freedom of choice and the freedom to say what we want, there is no reason why Fox News should be shut down. If you don't like the content that they are putting out, then stop watching them. If enough people do, they'll go away.

  • The only reason

    You all want Fox News shut down is because you people favor left wing thinking. Since most of the media caters to the Left, it's bothersome for Liberals that there is a station that exposes the flaws of the Democratic Party. If you want to lie to yourself and say that MSNBC and even CNN are neutral reporting stations... I hate to break it to you but no such news agency exist, none with any success anyway.

  • If Fox News is to be shut down then it's only fair and sensible to shut down MSNBC too.

    I admit that Fox News does have an overwhelming Conservative Bias, but so does every other News channel. You can't call something Biased, because every single human being on the planet is biased in some form or another!
    Fox News is merely presenting it's Conservative view to the public just as MSNBC shows its liberal views.
    If you don't like the network than simply don't watch it and find one you do like.
    For once I can honestly say that the answer to the problems is to cherry pick.
    Thanks for listening and God bless!


    FOX NEWS is the only news we receive that is fair and balanced. If FOX leaves what do we have? News as reported by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC is skewed to the left. Has been for many years. FOX has the guts to report news from another perspective. There are always two (or sometimes more) sides to any story. The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees citizens and the press the right to speak freely without retribution. The Citizens should not be coerced into return to a tyrannical society or governmental system.

  • Fox News should not be shut down

    I'm probably one of the most liberal people in the United States, and I don't think that Fox News should be shut down. It has many viewers that tune in to it every day, and even if I may disagree with their viewpoints, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, they should be allowed to use the channel to voice theirs.

  • There is Freedom in Truth

    Liberals tend to hear what they want to hear and conservatives tend to hear what they want to hear. We have to have a free press and freedom of speech. Otherwise we will be susceptible to propaganda and being fed only what the power brokers feed us. It is frustrating to me (and I'm sure many others) because all I want is the unvarnished truth with minimal or no bias. I want Mr. Spock. Its impossible to find this any longer. Integrity is sadly lacking on both sides of the aisle.

  • No it should not

    If you shut down one news outlet because you do not agree with their
    opinon, then you have o shut down ABC, CBS, NSB, MSNBC and CNN because I do not agree with their opinion... Otherwise you have created sensor ship and if you can sensor one news outlet, then we can sensor one also... Which of course would not be acceptable to you... Correct?

  • They lean right

    They report just as any other news source. For the people that don't like the hosts they give many opinions just as CNN and NBC. If you want a leftist paradise please leave the country. Beacause here we need balance of left and right. Thank you have a nice day.

  • Hillary Lies about e-mails.

    You clowns say that you are for freedom of speech, but the moment somebody says something you don't agree with you want to call them down and assert that they are hateful just because their opinion is different then yours. Move to North Korea where socialism is the rule of the land and you can only make statements that agree with your government. You guys would have been shut down by your own line of thinking when slavery was the way in the USA. Luckily Republicans shut that down.

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mirthaduque24 says2018-05-01T14:07:16.623
Although we majority of watchers do know MSNBC is the more liberal while Fox is more conservative MSNBC does and has more real journalist while Fox has more opinion and political staffers. This makes a big difference as to how the news is reported if you go down the list and compare those working in Fox and those working in MSNBC you can see the difference. While Fox has every right to program whatever they want within FCC Regulations they don't have the right to mislead people and therefore should not be called a News Station and they should inform their viewers ahead of time as to their programming. As someone who's parents fled Communism Cuba and had family members jailed under Castro regime when the misleading news is reported with the intention of creating division and some cases even creating so much automaticity that it is even creating violence. Dictators and Fascism begin with the distortion of reality and if enough believe it, it can be the beginning of a Civil War. When Our Founding Fathers Chose to put Freedom of Speech and the Press as our First Constitutional Right it was for a very obvious reason. If people would read and understand history they will see how Certain Extreme Controlling Governments come into power and Fox News understands this very well.
penfeather says2021-01-27T15:34:36.343
FOX is not the only US News outlet spreading lies. New Max and a host of others do the same. It is a time of great worry for me when money is all it is about. There are persons who has glazed over eyes hanging upon every lie Tucker Carlson et-al came up with. These folks have the right to own fire arms and storm and stalk our civic and government centers. I think the so called glory days of the U. S. Is over.

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